My name is Annisa and this blog is my happy place.

I have a handy husband and 2 kids. One in elementary school and one in middle school. We recently moved back to the United States after spending two years in Ireland. Say what?!?! Read about it here.

We have moved 10 or so times in 20 years and have put our stamp on each home we’ve lived in be it through decorating, DIY projects and even a big ol’ remodel. We call that stuff fun! I hope you follow along on our journey as we turn this next house into our home.

5 Things About Me:
1) I believe sarcasm is the spice of life.
2) I learned a long time ago that life is far too short to not do things that make you happy.
3) I only chew gum in the car or on public transportation. If I run out of gum, I pretty much think we can’t go anywhere.
4) My daily commute in Ireland involved walking 6 miles a day. Why? Well, we didn’t have a car! Now that we are back in the U.S., I have to actually exercise…on purpose! Ugh.
5) I’m not a morning person. Getting up at oh dark hundred is how I define torture. Who’s with me on this one? Oh, wait. You’re still sleeping. Smart.

Thanks for stopping by! It made my day.

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