• 3 creative uses for a wood sewing machine cover. How to repurpose a wood sewing machine cover for home decor.

    3 Creatives Uses For A Wood Sewing Machine Cover

    Way back in the day, sewing machines were fancy. I’m talking capital F fancy. Some sewing machines were housed in ornate pieces of furniture that were prominent fixtures in homes. Later, as sewing machines became more portable but were still made of metal, not plastic, they didn’t stop being stylish. Not at all. That’s where the wood sewing machine cover comes onto the scene. In 1884, the Singer Sewing Machine Company introduced a bentwood sewing machine cover. This was a big technological achievement. In essence, Singer and their competitor, Wheeler and Wilson, figured out how to make plywood. Then, after much trial and error, the Singer Sewing Machine Company discovered that…

  • how to turn an old wood ladder into a blanket ladder by removing the top can and adding brass leg tips

    Turn An Old Wood Ladder Into A Blanket Ladder

    Sometimes the junk gods grant you a gift – an old, nasty wood ladder that’s covered in dirt and spiders that you have to drag out of the trash. Gee, thanks, junk gods. It’s the thought that counts, right? Well, I thought I could turn that old wood ladder into a blanket ladder. The problem with an actual wood ladder that was used for actual laddering to reach high places, is that it just looks like a work ladder not a blanket ladder. This is fine if that’s the look you’re going for in your home. Throw a blanket on it and call it good. No judgment here. I used my…

  • winter home inspiration from new jersey
    happy list

    Happy List: #286

    Hey, hey! Welcome to the Happy List! I hope you had a great week and are ready to read something fun and light-hearted. Let’s start by reminding you what was on the blog this week. On Monday, I shared 3 ideas on how to label your DIY furniture. If we don’t start labeling and documenting things, history will be lost. On Wednesday, I shared the first bracelet I’ve ever made – a wood heart bracelet. It’s important to me to make things I actually will use or wear and this craft fits that bill! As always, I like connecting with you! It makes this feel more like a conversation and…

  • diy wood heart bracelet using wood heart beads for a valentine's day bracelet

    How To Make A Wood Heart Bracelet

    It’s fast approaching Valentine’s Day, but I support love being celebrated every day. Let me show you how to make a wood heart bracelet that you can wear year-round. The star of this project is a wood heart bead. Did you know that wood heart beads are a thing? What will they think of next? This is a creative craft that you can definitely put your own spin on! Materials Needed To Make a Wood Heart Bracelet: wood heart beads bead kit/bracelet-making kit (your kit should include stretchy string, clasps, beads, etc.) stain or paint (if you’re choosing to color your wood heart) scissors pliers (optional, but helpful) How To Make…

  • refinished wood mirror how to label diy furniture
    decorating,  DIY

    3 Ways To Label DIY Furniture

    Have you ever thought about how to label DIY furniture? Or even if or why you should label DIY furniture? We’ve made DIY furniture for years but didn’t think about labeling it until a couple of years ago when we had an “oh no” moment. We own a wood-framed mirror that, according to family lore, was made by my husband’s grandpa. Everyone in the family knew it was made by him but no one in the family could remember when he made it, why he made it, who he made it for, etc. The story of this mirror is now lost and that’s sad from a family history perspective. If…

  • yellow tulips in milk bottle on the happy list
    happy list

    Happy List: #285

    Hello, friends! Welcome to today’s Happy List. I hope you’ve had a great week. This week on the blog I shared a new-to-me term, blates, and why we love these pasta bowls. I also shared a fun Valentine’s DIY – how to make yourself an embroidered heart sweatshirt. I’ve been wearing my newly embroidered heart sweatshirt nonstop! As always, I like connecting with you! It makes this feel more like a conversation and less like a monologue. Please feel free to leave a comment or share this site with your friends. You can also connect with us on Instagram or Facebook. Thank you! Here’s the Happy List! BATHROOM LOVE Can you fall in…

  • DIY embroidered heart sweatshirt for valentine's day easy diy valentine's day shirt
    Crafts,  holidays

    DIY Embroidered Heart Sweatshirt for Valentine’s Day

    Have you heard that saying about wearing your heart on your sleeve? Well, that’s actually happening on both sleeves with this DIY Embroidered Heart Sweatshirt! Let me show you how I made it in case you’re feeling festive and want to make something similar! Materials Needed For A DIY Embroidered Heart Sweatshirt: sweatshirt (This is the one I chose.) red embroidery floss scissors needle fabric pen (if you want to trace your heart shape on the shirt) paper heart to trace around (unless you want to freehand your heart) My Skill Level Disclaimer: I know enough about beginner embroidery to get this project done but would never claim to be…

  • in praise of blates pasta bowls low bowls blates replace dinner plates
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    In Praise of Blates (Pasta Bowls)

    Have you heard the term blates? A blate is a cross between a plate and a bowl. You might also know them as pasta bowls, low bowls, or dinner bowls. I feel silly typing the word blate, so you know I didn’t make the word up. I read about it on Food52. It seems like a very English language thing to make up a new word, doesn’t it? However, using the term blate instead of pasta bowl does imply that things other than pasta can be eaten in these dishes with shallow sides. Now here’s where the story gets really wild. We eat almost all of our meals on blates…

  • flower basket centerpiece
    happy list

    Happy List: #284

    Hi! Welcome to the first Happy List of 2023! I’m so glad you are here. This week on the blog I shared how I transitioned my holiday wreath to a winter wreath. I enjoyed figuring out a new way to use and display decor that I already own, especially the bird I put on the wreath. I also published a blog post about our new bench for the sunporch. Handy Husband built it last month and I love how it functions out there. As always, I like connecting with you! It makes this feel more like a conversation and less like a monologue. Please feel free to leave a comment…

  • black sunporch bench new bench for the sunporch navy blue sunporch
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    New Bench For The Sunporch

    We have a new bench for the sunporch. Yes, it’s a DIY bench because those are our favorite kind. We do not have a shortage of benches in this house. Including the new bench for the sunporch, we now have six benches. All but one of them have been DIYed either fully or partially. I guess we like benches. Why did we need a bench for the sunporch in particular? There should be an obvious answer to that question. However, the new bench is not for sitting. At least, not right now. The bench is for the plants. I needed an elevated surface to get some of the plants off…