• daffodils in a crystal vase in a living room 10 wedding gifts I still use 25 years later

    10 Wedding Gifts We Still Use 25 Years Later

    Every time I pull out our popcorn maker I think to myself, “We got this for our wedding.” Well, I’ve now been saying that for 25 years. Twenty. Five. That’s a lot of popcorn! It’s hard to believe we reached that anniversary milestone earlier this year. It doesn’t feel like we’ve been married that long. But it did get me thinking. What other wedding gifts do we still use 25 years later? I’m going to share mine and I thought it would be fun, no matter how long you’ve been married, to see if you have and use some of the same things. Or maybe you have different wedding gifts…

  • modern country laundry room in a colonial farmhouse with wainscoting stained glass horse art basket wall and inset wall shelves
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    What We Regret About Our Laundry Room Makeover

    It has been one year since we completed our laundry room makeover. One year? Already? It feels like forever since we completed that project. I suppose that means time does not fly by when you’re doing laundry every day. Shocking…said no one typing a blog post next to a giant pile of clothes to be folded. Don’t get me wrong. We love with a capital L how this space turned out. It is a combination laundry room and pantry and it flows so nicely with the rest of the house now, particularly the kitchen. It’s how the space always should have been. No matter how much you enjoy a room,…

  • devils punchbowl park oregon coast april 2024 on the happy list
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    Happy List: #340

    Hello! Welcome to the Happy List. I’m glad you’re here. This week on the blog I shared the colorful outdoor umbrellas that had me dreaming about summer and dining outside. I also discussed wood bowls and shared the one thing I don’t use them for. I’m trying to get over that. If you haven’t already weighed in on the wood bowl discussion, let me know your thoughts. As always, thank you for being here. It’s so rewarding to connect with each and every one of you. I’ve made the best online friends through this website. If you want to connect with us, and I hope you do, you can always…

  • wood bowl in front of a stack of wood cutting boards in a farmhouse kitchen wood bowls for decor or food
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    Wood Bowls: For Food or Decor?

    Do you use your wood bowls for food or for decor? Or both? Or are you a wood bowl free household? Tell me everything. Leave no details out. I have a collection of wood bowls that I only use for decor purposes. You might have seen them stacked above our black pantry cabinet. The collection has grown larger, as collections do, since I took this picture. I started to wonder why I don’t use these wood bowls for holding food. And I’m not talking about food as in popcorn or a bunch of apples and bananas. I mean the wet, sticky, gooey stuff like pasta, soup, bread dough, cereal, etc.…

  • green beach club patio umbrella from business and pleasure co in praise of colorful outdoor umbrellas
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    In Praise Of: Colorful Patio Umbrellas

    Spring has arrived, the temperatures are warming up, and we are so close to being able to dine alfresco. That’s why I have all things outdoor furniture on my mind, including colorful patio umbrellas. I’ve been solidly in my black and white patio umbrella phase for the last few years. If anything were to tempt me cross over into the land of color, it would be one of these colorful patio umbrellas. Check them out! Bourbana 9′ Market Umbrella | Wayfair A pop of yellow sunshine on your patio would bring a big dose of happy no matter the weather. (image: Wayfair) Having the beach in the background wouldn’t hurt…

  • indian rocks beach florida sunset on the happy list

    Spring Break 2024 & What’s Trending On Pinterest

    Hi! It’s Spring Break! My kids have been counting down to this week since Christmas. I’m sure their teachers have been too. Ha! We are determined to have fun this week, so I will be out of the office, so to speak. New blog posts will resume next Monday. However, I’m sure I’ll be posting on social media (Instagram or Facebook) this week, so be sure to follow along there if you aren’t already. That’s where all the unpolished, behind-the-scenes stuff happens. If you’d like some blog posts to tide you over until I return with fresh new content, try one of these: The darling of Pinterest, the post all…

  • gold leaf wood easter eggs on the happy list
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    Happy List: #339

    Hello! Happy Good Friday and early Easter to those of you celebrating. I’m so glad you’re sharing part of your day with me. This week on the blog I shared all the ways I have decorated wood Easter eggs. I love those little orbs so much! I also shared how my porch plants have fared after spending the winter vacationing on my sunporch. The sunporch is a favorite spot around here in the dead of winter for plants and humans because it becomes toasty warm on sunny days. As always, thank you for being here. Truly. It means the world to us and helps keep the lights on. If you…

  • red geraniums growing on a navy blue sunporch in new jersey in winter
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    How Many Porch Plants Survived The Winter?

    I brought our porch plants inside for the winter approximately six months ago. How many porch plants survived the winter inside on our sunporch? *drumroll please* Technically speaking, all of them. Not-so-technically speaking, our green pepper plant might be on its last leg due to pests but I haven’t given up watering it hope yet. While the pepper plant might be dropping out, the ferns are the overachievers of the group. I really wish they’d dial it back a notch. They’ve already been trimmed multiple times this winter and in the below picture, you can see their current state. To describe it delicately, they are bustin’ out of their britches,…

  • ways to decorate wood easter eggs with paint and stain
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    7 Ways To Decorate Wood Easter Eggs

    Today I’m sharing 7 ways to decorate wood Easter eggs. If you haven’t had the pleasure of decorating wood Easter eggs yet, what are you waiting for? Carpe diem the wood egg! Decorating wood Easter eggs makes me egg-cited because I can keep them forever. Plus, there’s the uniqueness that comes from working with a natural substance like wood. Each egg ends up with its own quirks (relatable) and I’m here for that! If this post gives you additional ideas on how to decorate wood Easter eggs, please let me know. I have wood eggs I haven’t decorated yet and I gladly welcome new ideas. Now, let’s hop to it……

  • daffodils along a stone wall in front of a farmhouse in new jersey on the happy list
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    Happy List: 338

    Why, hello there! Welcome to this week’s Happy List! This week on the blog I shared how the gaps in our wood floors are doing after I filled them with oakum two and a half years ago. Long story short, the experiment continues. And in other old house news, I also wrote about the stone steps leading into our basement. We’re not sure when those steps were added but we love that they aren’t made of wood. As always, thank you for being here. Truly. It means the world to us and helps keep the lights on. If you want to connect with us, and I hope you do, you…