4th of july balls

Vacation Week

It’s vacation week for our family!

Well, staycation week.

We aren’t going anywhere.

We were supposed to be on a plane to visit family, but all of our summer travel was cancelled.

Quarantine travel rules between states make leaving New Jersey tricky. Plus, it didn’t seem like a good way to show our love by living in the state with the second highest number of Covid-19 cases and then traveling on a plane to visit people who are considered high risk.

I’m showing my love by staying away and that feels strange.

burlap american flag centerpiece

I’m holding onto hope that things will get better because I miss everyone!

This week we are going to explore local trails as a family and BBQ for the 4th of July. Our neighbors like to shoot off fireworks that we can see from our backyard, so I’m counting on that to add to the festive mood.

I’ll be back with fresh blog posts next Monday. Until then, have the happiest of weeks and in the meantime maybe we’ll see each other on Facebook or Instagram.

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