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Happy List: #332

Hello! Welcome to the Happy List. I’m delighted you are here.

This week on the blog I shared a personal post about our wedding anniversary. Thank you all for your well wishes and kind words. It meant a lot to us.

I also shared a blog post about the cutest wood heart planters. I think they could also be called scalloped planters depending on how you looked at them. Either way, it’s a fun DIY.

Once again, thank you for being here. Don’t be a stranger. We like talking to you! If you want to connect with us or ask a question, you can always comment on this blog post or send an email here. You can also reach out on Instagram or Facebook.

Enjoy this week’s Happy List!


Bryce Dallas Howard’s home in upstate New York is very charming. You should go check out the photos over at Architectural Digest. There is inspiration galore.

bryce dallas howard home upstate ny charming entry with blue paneling on stairs Photography by Donna Dotan Styled by Emily Pertzborn via architectural digest on the happy list

(image: via Architectural Digest)


This crystallized heart craft from DIY Beautify would be fun to make with kids. Borax is the key ingredient.

diy crystal hearts using borax from diy beautify on the happy list

(image: DIY Beautify)


February 9th is National Pizza Day. I don’t make the rules. We all need to eat pizza today.

One thing I make that always gets compliments is my pizza dough. I use this Mellow Mushroom copycat recipe from Lark and Lola. What fundamentally makes it different from other pizza dough recipes is it has molasses in it.

I also use this dough recipe to make cinnamon sugar breadsticks. That might be my kids’ favorite thing ever.

pepperoni and sausage pizza homemade on the happy list

P.S. I also add dried herbs and garlic powder to my pizza dough because why not? Don’t ask me how much. I mainly cook using vibes not measurements.

And…now I’m hungry.


If you are a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, you will love this bit of trivia. The founder of the Chiefs, Lamar Hunt, is the one who suggested in 1970 that the NFL use Roman numerals to identify each year of the Super Bowl. He thought it would add some importance to the event.

However, it also helps the NFL avoid confusion since the Super Bowl is held in the year following the start of the season. The winner of the Super Bowl that is held in 2024 is actually winning the 2023 season.

The only time after Roman numerals were added that they were not used was for Super Bowl 50 because Super Bowl L seemed weird. Didn’t want that L to stand for loser! Ha!

Learn more here.

image of a football from raw pixel on the happy list

(image: Rawpixel)


This room is gorgeous and moody, but the curtains caught my eye. They remind me of the ones that I just hung in our living room.

More pictures of this home can be found at Rue Magazine.

home tour prospect refuge the public den via rue magazine Interior Designer: Prospect Refuge Studio Photographer: Nicole Franzen Architectural Design and Remodeler: Streeter Homes on the happy list

(image: Interior Designer:Prospect Refuge Studio | Photographer: Nicole Franzen | Architectural Design and Remodeler: Streeter Homes | via Rue Magazine)


I know several people who would wear the heck out of this butter t-shirt from Bakery Tee Co.

Check it and the sweatshirt version out here.

butter t shirt from bakery tee co on the happy list

(image: Bakery Tee Co.)

I’d pair this t-shirt with pants.


Speaking of butter, I have been making this Gooey Red Velvet Butter Cookie recipe from TidyMom for years and I’ll be making it again for a Valentine’s treat. My family LOVES this recipe.

It’s made with a box cake mix, so it’s extra easy. Recipe here.

red velvet gooey butter cookies from tidymom on the happy list perfect valentine's cookie

(image: TidyMom)

P.S. I just bought these baking sheets because they were recommended by Sally’s Baking Addiction. They are amazing! I’m the person who still has one baking sheet that I was gifted at our wedding 25 years ago, so perhaps, any new baking sheet would be impressive to me. Haha!


Poem 070: Sentimental Moment or Why Did the Baguette Cross the Road?
by Robert Hershon

Don’t fill up on bread
I say absent-mindedly
The servings here are huge

My son, whose hair may be
receding a bit, says
Did you really just
say that to me?

What he doesn’t know
is that when we’re walking
together, when we get
to the curb
I sometimes start to reach
for his hand

Thank you for reading today’s Happy List.

Be good to yourself and others this weekend.

I’ll see you back here on Monday.


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