Ant Mountain

  • Encourage Your Child To Be A Myrmecologist (A Person Who Studies Ants) While Observing Live Ants Survive And Interact In their Natural Environment.
  • Includes: Two-Sided Viewing Habitat (Escape-Proof /Locking Lid), Easy Dig Sand, Sand Rod For Tunneling, A Certificate To Mail Away For A Colony Of Live Harvester Ants, And Activity/Instruction Manual.
  • Watch Your Insect Lore Colony Of Harvester Ants Excavate Sand, Work Together, Problem Solve, And Forage For Food.
  • Teaches Responsibility: Feed Ants Tiny Bites Of Celery, Carrot, Or Apple Every Three Days And A Couple Drops Of Water On The Fourth Day.
  • Ants Are Guaranteed To Be Delivered Alive And Thriving. Recommended For Children 6 Years And Above.


Does owning an ant farm makes us farmers? It’s a legitimate question! Read about our experience with Ant Mountain here.


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