Skating: It’s Harder Than It Looks

Right across the street from the Hubby’s office is an ice rink. Not only that, but they have a roller skating rink too. I know, cool, right? So, of course, we had to check it out! We picked Jeff up early from work one Friday afternoon (shhhh!) and headed on over.

This was the second time Annika has been ice skating and she LOVES it.

Ice skating happiness
Ice skating happiness

Don’t you just love the rosy cheeks and the teeth that still have not come in yet?

It was FREEZING in the ice rink.

Yes, I suppose freezing temps are to be expected. Seriously though, her eyes just light up when she’s out there. We are going to check into skating lessons.

This guy looks like he’s in the penalty box! He was actually just taking a breather on the bench next to me.

Penalty box?
Penalty box?

He can’t seem to stay up without holding on to the wall or Dad yet, but he’ll get there.

(Unless he skates like his mama.) 

Jeff was on full-time skate duty this trip and the kids loved spending extra time with Daddy.

Ice skating with Dad
Ice skating with Dad

If you are in the Atlanta area and want to check it out, we skated at the The Cooler, otherwise known as the Alpharetta Family Skate Center. It was a fun family outing! We’ll definitely be going again.

Have a happy day!

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