Cookie Jar Refresh

Do you ever have those projects that go great in your mind, but then you finish it and it’s not quite how you imagined it would turn out? This is one of those projects.

I received this apple-shaped cookie jar as a wedding gift 15 years ago. (Time flies!) I think it has only held cookies once though. Way back when we first got married, we forgot about whatever was placed inside. When I opened the lid weeks (months??) later, I was greeted to a gooey moldy mess. *shudder* *gag* Now you know why we binge eat cookies around here and then swear them off for months! 😉


Due to mold-fest, the cookie jar has mainly been used for decoration or sometimes to hold packets of sweetener. I’ve loved it! However, I’ve increasingly found it difficult to decorate around. If I’m in my all blue color phase, then the red sticks out. If I’m in my current neutral phase, the red sticks out yet again. It sounds like I need to cycle back to my red color phase!

Instead of giving the jar away – I do love the shape – I decided to paint it. This time my “use what you have” philosophy didn’t work so well. Or user error was involved. The primer (a gray, sand-able primer) didn’t bond correctly – maybe it was old or I didn’t shake the can well enough. That meant I had to sand off part of the paint and start over. Bummer. What was supposed to be a 10-minute project was taking a wee bit longer.



Oh, and you can’t tell from these pictures, but to maintain the food-safe integrity of the jar, I did not paint the inside. It was taped off thoroughly and protected with plastic bags.

With a fresh can of white spray paint & primer in hand, I finished off the job. It’s not perfect, but unless you are looking close, you can’t tell. And, that’s my philosophy for DIY – don’t look too close! 🙂


I’m just not sure I LOVE it yet. I’m thinking I should have either left the stem as it was or maybe I need to paint the stem gold. Every cookie jar can use a little glam, right?


I think I’ll end up staring at it for awhile until I can decide what’s going to make me happy for another 15 years! Okay, okay. I probably don’t need to wait that long in between makeovers! At least my hair has seen more than one makeover in the last 15 years. 🙂

This was one of my first blog projects, so thanks for being here today! Here are some others.

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