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Easter Egg Acorns

I so wish I was the original one to come up with a way to repurpose plastic Easter eggs into acorns. Alas, I am but one of the many, many imitators.

I made these last year and I still love them this year. I’m predictable that way.

Do you remember when nylons came in large plastic eggs? You kids out there remember what nylons are, right? I hear Princess Kate is bringing them back in style. Anyway, when I was little I would put those in my shirt and then laugh hilariously at the lop-sided boobs. Clearly, I was not proper princess material.

Moving on…


All you have to do to make these cuties is hot glue twine to the short end of the egg. Start at the top with a loop and work your way down. I painted the pointy end with craft paint. It took a few coats.

This craft was totally worth the hot glue burns. Be careful people, crafting has its risks. 😉 Apparently, so does reading this blog. You might hear inapproporiate boob stories.

Let me offer this word of caution with the craft paint. It doesn’t adhere as well to the plastic eggs without some sort of primer underneath. So, if you are like me and skipped the primer and have kids who love to touch and play with every single decoration you have – be prepared for some peeling paint.

If you are also like me, you just rotated the scratches to the back and moved on with your day.

Is there a point to this post? Hot glue burns are bad. Nylons are making a comeback. Oh, and the most important thing. Even if your crafty ideas aren’t original, you can still happily put your own twist on them. Thank goodness.

P.S. I’m fairly certain I was inspired to make these eggs from the fabulous BecomingMartha site.

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  • Cindy

    You made me laugh. THANK YOU for making this DIY short and sweet. All I wanted to know were the facts of how to make these, with just a small bit of commentary ( as opposed to the site that had to explain her craft room, her husband, and her move from a major metropolis to a small town BEFORE getting to the acorns), and that’s what you did. Looking forward to making these!

  • Linda H Wagster

    I have been making some of these, but I LOVE the colors you painted yours! An added tip, mine did better when I put a little rock in them to keep the painted side down. (Or whichever side you want down.) And I also love that you kept it short and sweet! Thanks!

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