The Jacket I Love So Much I Bought It Twice

Here’s the deal with me. When I like something, I really, really like it. It’s probably a good thing I don’t experience this phenomenon regularly. This admission leads me to my present obsession and a post full of awkward selfies taken in my powder room.

I was looking for a jacket with a hood late last year and I found some snazzy jackets online. Of course, they all cost one bazillion dollars plus a hair from the mane of a magical, pink unicorn. So, I started searching on Amazon because as an Amazon Prime member, I get free shipping and they make returns easy. That’s not an advertisement, just my experience. Plus, I’m allergic to large crowds and malls make me twitch.

That’s when I stumbled on this Tom’s Ware Jacket.

By the way, I have no idea what my eyebrow is doing, but it’s impressive. And awkward.

I’m loving clothes that have one little element that takes them from ordinary to snazzy, like the off-centered zipper on this jacket.

I have no idea what the fabric is…I’d have to take the jacket off right now to read the label. However, imagine if a sweatshirt and a fleece had a baby…it would be this jacket. Soft and cozy, but it looks way nicer than a sweatshirt or a fleece.

Fast forward to February and I was still obsessed with my new jacket. Who knew red could go with so much? Well, the other moms at the bus stop know because I was wearing it every day.

I decided I loved the jacket so much that my husband could get me another one for Valentine’s Day. How’s that for romance after 16 years of marriage? Ha! Teal was my color of choice this time.

By the way, I realized by looking at this picture that on this particular day I was walking around with a random curl sticking straight up on the back of my head. Doh! This is the burden of the curly-haired girl.

I also realized by looking at this picture that I really need to clean this mirror. The hand on my hip isn’t blurred out…that would be toothpaste spray on the mirror. This is the bathroom where my kids brush their teeth (unsupervised) in the morning. At least they are brushing their teeth, right?
Besides the off-centered zipper, I love the snaps at the top of the jacket. I love how cozy it is and how I look slightly less schleppy when I wear it with everything from jeans to leggings.

In a word, I’m still obsessed and now everyone knows about it.

The jacket is currently $39.99 on Amazon and I’m seriously contemplating a black or navy one. If anyone is wondering about fit, I’m 5’9″ and this is a size M and I was happy with the fit.


Things that are pretty make me happy. Things that are pretty that I can wear? Ridiculously happy!

If you want to check out the Tom’s Ware jacket on Amazon, here’s the affiliate link.

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  • Jeannie

    I love you and I love this post, this is why I should have taken you shopping with me while I had the chance! I see Fashion Design in your future….. or at least more reviews!

    • annisa

      LOL! Either would be fun, that’s for sure! The weather hit 70 degrees today, so I had to take my jacket off. Maybe it will cool down tomorrow so I can go back to it. The only problem will be do I wear red or teal?? 🙂

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