How Did I Not Know This? Bed Sheet Labels

I have changed bed sheets countless times in my life.

I would try and figure out how many times, but that would be too depressing. I mean, really, it’s not my favorite chore on the planet.

Because I am a creature of habit and routine, I wash sheets every Sunday. Go ahead, be jealous over the glamorous life I lead. I can wait while you deal with this rash of emotions.

My husband and I share a king-sized bed. Earth-shattering, I know. On Sunday, per every other Sunday, I was putting clean sheets on our bed. The length and width dimensions on a king-sized bed are fairly similar, so sometimes I could tell I put the sheet on the wrong way, but with a little muscle it always worked out. Clearly, I’d rather force it to work than take the 2.3 seconds it requires to remove the sheet and start over.

But this particular day, with the sun shining through the windows and my kids throwing my bed pillows on the floor, I noticed this:

WHAT???? How did I not know there were labels on the inside of the sheets so that you’d know which way to put them on the bed? I’ve had these particular sheets for at least 2 years.

I feel like I’m the last one to get the joke. Go ahead, laugh. If I wasn’t so happy over my discovery I might feel embarrassed about this revelation.

I had to snap a quick picture with my phone because, well, I thought I could share my “ah-ha moment” with you.

I love the process of creating  and keeping a pretty home. Finding one little thing that makes the process easier makes me pretty darn happy! Even if I should have known this a million years ago. Better late than never!

P.S. Those sheets are from Target. This particular print might not be available, but here are similar ones.

Thanks for stopping by today! If you want to keep reading, I won’t stop you. It kind of makes my day, actually! 🙂

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    • annisa

      Such a small thing! I think it’s a recent addition…I checked some old bedsheets the other day and they didn’t have the tags. So I’m not completely cuckoo! Have an awesome day. 🙂

  • Lisa

    I bought a new set of sheets today. I was trying to figure out the right way and I noticed a little tag. I was so excited, I also took pictures and shared on Facebook. Mine are from Kohl’s! What a game changer

  • Helen Semrau

    My sheets are old so none have those tags but having a masters degree and being of above average intelligence, I decided to mark my linens to avoid the problem. I put a black magic marker dot on several items to note which way they go on. Unfortunately I cannot remember what the dot is for, up, down side, etc and frankly, at 78, I’m too tired to find out. One problem remains. That damn black dot startles me every time I use that particular item. I think it’s dirty or a bug.
    I will tell you a secret that few people know. When you buy fabric by the yard, on the selvage will be a series of colored dots. You’ve seen them and not paid attention, haven’t you. Those dots represent all of the colors used in the pattern!! When I told my quilting instructor, she thought I was a genius. Please don’t tell her about the dots. It would cause her lowered feelings.

    • annisa

      Oh my goodness! You just had me cracking up! I need that – thank you! When paper is printed, it also has color markings in the bleed or gutter that gets trimmed off and no one knows the difference. You bring up a good point though and using a fabric marker to mark the top or bottom of a sheet is a good idea, but now I’ll know to use words instead of dots.

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