Kitchen Refresh – The Beginning

I considered calling this post “Putting Lipstick on a Pig,” but I thought that would confuse the Google search algorithm.

Our kitchen needs a major gut job. What it’s going to get is a little glamour session.

Is it warped that I’m slightly more excited to see how little or much we can transform a space with just elbow grease and minimal dollars spent? Probably. #noapologies

So, this is the disaster I’m working with:

I’ve actually seen worse. I’m sure I’ve lived with worse.

At a minimum, the plan is to paint the cabinets and figure out some sort of backsplash, since there is no backsplash to speak of.

I’ve already started on the cabinets. We decided to strip the paint off some of the cabinet doors. As you can see, there were about 40 gajillion layers of paint. I found the mossy green, white and blue colors. Eventually I discovered the original oak-stained cabinet doors.

And yes, I enlist all sorts of tools in my DIY projects, including random shoes to hold down drop cloths.

The good news with this hot mess of cabinetry is that we are going to be able to “geek out” on different methods of getting to the painting stage.

In addition to stripping the paint off some of the doors, we will also sand some and on others try a simple deglossing technique. It’s partly out of curiosity and partly because the cabinets all vary in their condition.

Clearly we don’t have any hobbies.

There’s also a weird patch of stickiness that has not come off with any household cleansers or the deglosser. I really do not want to strip or sand this soffit area, so I have one other thing to try first. Otherwise, I’ll have to hit it with the sander.


So, if you’re wondering how we are spending Spring Break, this is it! My kids wanted to go to the beach. I assured them this would be much more fun! 😉

Actually, we took today off and visited Six Flags Over Atlanta for the first time. I guess I thought everyone would be at the beach. So wrong. So, so wrong. They were all at Six Flags! I was so happy when my kids asked to go home after 4 HOURS spent in the 90 degree sun waiting to ride 3 stinking rides. I don’t think we are tough enough for Disney yet.

Have a great weekend! Back to the kitchen refresh now!

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