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Birdhouse on a Post

This is a birdhouse post about a birdhouse on a post.

(Prepositions are little, but mighty.)

In this particular instance, it is not so much a house, but a bird chapel.

Preach it little birdies.

If you have or find or make an amazing birdhouse, you don’t always have to hang it in a tree.

No sir. Bring it closer, make it a part of your outdoor decor.

Stick it on a post!

My stepmom secured this bird chapel her super-talented brother made for her on top of an old 4×4 fence post.

To get the fence post to stand upright without putting it into the ground she cut four equal sections of 2x4s and nailed them to the fence post like shown below.


This bird chapel makes a happy decoration on my stepmom’s deck and when I peeked inside, it looks like the birds are fond of it too! No eggs, but a little nest was in there. Hallelujah.

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