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Cardboard Pumpkin Art

Our AC was replaced this summer. This happened in August in Georgia and I may or may not have professed my undying love for the AC installer man.

Despite that awkward exchange, he was super nice and made the GIGANTIC box that the AC unit came in into a fort for my kids.

Of course, they loved it and played with it for a few days before they moved on to other things.

Here’s the embarrassing part.

It’s October and that box is still sitting in the basement. Every time I get on the bike or treadmill (which is 5 days a week), I spend 30 minutes thinking that I need to recycle that humongous box. Then as soon as my time or mileage is up, I’m so excited to be done that I promptly forget about everything except escaping the basement. It’s been an endless cycle. (No exercise pun intended.)

During one of those exercise sessions I decided I should switch out the children’s artwork on my dining room hutch. (If you remember, it’s my daughter’s painting taped onto a piece of cardboard in a glassless frame.) I didn’t have anything handy to replace it with, but I did have a large cardboard box.
Thank goodness I was too lazy to recycle it had saved it! I put that annoying box to use yesterday to create some fall artwork.

As a result, I feel that hoarding that box for 2 months is completely justified.

There are no holes in my logic.


I’d like to tell you that it was a complicated project, but it wasn’t.

I’d like to tell you it took a long time, but it didn’t.

It was ridiculously easy to make and I think I like it more because of that fact.
cardboardpumpkin5I drew a pumpkin shape on the box and cut it out. I used scissors, which meant my lines weren’t as clean as they could have been if I had taken the time to get out the craft knife. Let’s pretend this bothers me.

Next, I gave my pumpkin a coat of white spray paint. (Any type of paint would work, but it will take longer to brush it on.)

Then I marked off stripes with painter’s tape and gave the whole thing a coat of gold spray paint.

When the pumpkin was dry, I carefully removed my daughter’s artwork. Using the same tape that was holding it in place, I attached the cardboard pumpkin. No joke. I reused the scotch tape. My thriftiness is practically transcendent right now.
cardboardpumpkin2I like how my cardboard pumpkin art looks in this space. You know I’m over here ridiculously happy with myself for turning that AC box into a decoration for my dining room. I might have to keep it just a little bit longer. Christmas is coming soon, after all.

P.S. Bonus points if you see the pencil on the floor in the above photo! HA! I JUST noticed it myself and I’ve read this post multiple times. That’s my life, folks! 🙂

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