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No Sew Holiday Pillow

I can’t think of a sad story that starts with “I went to TJ MAXX/HomeGoods.” Can you?

That’s how this story starts. I went to my local TJ MAXX/HomeGoods store and found an over-sized Christmas dish towel for $2.99. I wasn’t looking for it per se, but I find it hard not to walk down every single aisle when I go in that store. Don’t judge.
holidaypillow5Now, when I commit to something, I really commit to it. I’m not going to go halfway…I don’t want to be a slacker or anything. So, I’m committed to avoiding the trouble with my sewing machine and the mess I made of the bobbins. Really committed.

That’s why this is a no-sew pillow.

Someone in a faraway land did a really good job of sewing even seams on this dish towel. When I folded the towel in half, the 1/4 inch seams lined up PERFECTLY! And I just so happened to have iron-on hem tape in my sewing basket.

Uh, where else am I going to keep my no-sew supplies???

I had some leftover pillow stuffing from this sweater pillow project that was begging for its chance to shine.

If I had to do this over, I would have ironed the last seam 3/4 of the way shut and then stuffed the polyester fiberfill in. I had to wrestle with it a bit on the ironing board to stay in place while I ironed the entire side shut. Live and learn.

The pillow could have been a little fuller if I’d had more stuffing, but the real reason it looks a little wrinkled is because the pillow has survived at least 3 major wrestling sessions by two very energetic kindergarten boys.

It SURVIVED, people! My no-sewing amazes even me sometimes. 😉


I think the moral of this story is that I need to go back to TJ MAXX/HomeGoods to see what other treasures I can find. My happily ever after would be so much sweeter if this pillow had a mate.

P.S. Dear TJ MAXX/HomeGoods, you don’t know me, but I’ll wait for your call!

Still waiting…

UPDATE: The pillow is still going strong two years later. I pack it up with the Christmas stuff and have pulled it out every year since. 

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