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Kid Craft: Tree Artwork

After Thanksgiving the kids helped me with a little holiday decorating project – painted tree artwork.

Usually I keep sketches my mom made in fashion design school in the 1970s in these frames (shown below in our last house), but I wanted to switch them out with something more festive for the holidays.

My two little artists-in-residence would be perfect for this job.

I covered our dining room table in a plastic tablecloth – always necessary when paint is involved – and let the kids go to work painting trees on regular computer paper.

It was easier for them (or me) to sketch a tree first and then for them to fill it in with paint.
We played Christmas music on Pandora and rocked our little paintbrushes out to make 8 masterpieces!

I’m glad I let go of any sense of perfection, you know, like the trees being centered on the paper.

That would have killed the mood!

I had planned on the kids painting ornaments on their trees, but due to the thick globs of paint taking a really long time to dry, we ended up leaving them natural looking with just a star on top. It was a happy accident.

Their painted trees turned out pretty festive. And unique.

The table underneath the painted tree pictures was styled for about 19 seconds before the kids started playing with the holiday houses and people.

Sometimes the key to a happy home is knowing when to go with the flow…
treepaintings1If you need something for the kids to do during Christmas break, this fun craft will make your home look extra festive. This sort of artwork could also be used as custom wrapping paper. Happy Christmas!

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