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Heart Plant Stakes

Valentine’s Day is a month away.

In truth, it’s not my most favorite holiday. I like the sentiment, I just think we should let people know we love them a little more regularly than when Hallmark tells us to.

That said, if my husband wants to shower me with gifts, I won’t turn them down! Also, my kids love Valentine’s Day, so I’m getting into the spirit of things – on my terms.

First up, flowers. I treated myself to some happy yellow roses from Trader Joe’s. $5 in that cute little tin! Don’t mind if I do! Yellow roses remind me of sunshine and definitely brighten up a dreary winter day.

Now, let’s see how long I can keep them alive!

Next up, the roses needed a little something to remind me of Valentine’s Day.

I ruled out the ubiquitous mylar balloon and decided to go more understated with a decorative plant stake.

Since the mylar balloon was out, pink and red were out as well. Too predictable. I do enjoy turquoise though!

To make these plant stakes, all you need are wooden skewers, card stock, scissors and a glue gun.

I cut out a variety of paper hearts, glued them to the skewer, stuck the finished product in the plant and called it good!

Easy and cheap. The craft. Not me!  😉

This plant with the heart plant stakes is a happy spot in my kitchen! Heaven knows I need one to distract me from the endless supply of dirty dishes that you thankfully cannot see in these pictures.

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