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Write This Way Valentine Card Printable

Last weekend my husband, daughter and son were bonding over some sort of computer game. It’s what they do. Picture them all sitting in a row, almost shoulder to shoulder, each playing the same game on their own computers. All of the sudden, my daughter realizes there is instant messaging “chat” functionality on this game. “Oh!” she exclaimed. “Now we don’t have to talk to each other!”

I just…I can’t even…I…

Let’s just say it is a little ironic that she picked a communication-themed Valentine’s Day card.

My brain is still processing all the hope we are hanging on this next generation, so I  can’t remember if the idea or the trinket came first for this Valentine’s Day Card.

Somehow, it all came together and in the process my daughter and I brainstormed a few different card sayings. She came up with “write this way, Valentine.” It definitely works, don’t you think?

I thought it would be fun to make it look like the Valentine was written on notebook paper and since I’m the ruler of my own computer, that’s what I did. Give me a theme and I can run with it!


I found a pack of 24 mini pens on Amazon for just under $10. It was the perfect number for my daughter’s class and the price was right for a non-candy Valentine.

Oh, yes. I’m on Team No Candy when it comes to Valentine’s Day cards. I don’t mind my children having sweets, but it’s nice to bring a little balance to the party. I’m this much fun all the time, folks. 😉


My kids and I – okay, mainly me – have spent a ridiculous amount of time changing the colors on these pens and doodling away. Why, yes! I need to write my grocery list with pink and orange ink. Will it make me the cool mom if I sign your permission slip with yellow ink? No? Whatever.

I did experiment with attaching the pens to the card, but decided throwing them in clear (3 3/4 in x 6 in) treat bags would make them more likely to survive being stuffed in a backpack and taken to school. If you knew what I pulled out of my kids’ backpacks…
writevalentine3All joking aside, I love making Valentine’s Day cards with my kids. I’m not even sure they know you can buy them already done at the store. *hahaha* My daughter is now old enough to cut, fold, staple, etc., so it makes the process even more enjoyable. Happy memories…I hope that’s what they take away from these projects.

If you want to print out this Valentine, please step write this way… See what I did there? Too much?

Write This Way Valentine’s Day Card Free Printable PDF

Write This Way Valentine’s Day Card Free Printable JPEG

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