Phonics Books for Star Wars Fans

Teaching boys to read can be tough.

If you have a boy who immediately dove into books and all things phonics, God bless you. That has not been my experience.

My son is in kindergarten and is doing a great job learning to read – better than I expected, actually.

Here’s where it got tricky. My son would practice reading with my husband and me, but only the Bob Books. Both of my kids started reading using the Bob Books and they were fantastic. At some point though, you have to move on and start reading other things. Mac and Mat said so!

A friend told me about a set of LIFE CHANGING books. I’m not exaggerating. Okay, maybe I am slightly, but the dramatic effect is warranted in this instance. I was really tired of reading the same Bob Books over and over.

And over.


Star Wars Phonics Books. Need I say more?

My son ate these books up.

There was no more whining about reading because we had found something of interest to him: Darth Vader, spaceships and battles. Oh yeah. It’s on.

There is a time and place for blatant commercialism in education. Getting my son to willingly crack open a book was one of those times.

This is an example of the text inside Book 1 of Set 1.

Each book focuses on a particular phonics sound and the pictures are fantastic.

My son can now read through the first set of Star Wars Phonics Books without help, so on Friday we received Set 2 in the mail. Yay!

This is an example of the text inside of Book 1 of Set 2.

The sets include 10 books plus 2 workbooks and are less than $10 on Amazon. That’s a steal. Especially considering this is the first time my son was truly interested in reading. I am so happy that he’s on his way to being able to read. My grandma was a first grade teacher and it was because of her that I not only learned to read, but now love to read. I hope he feels the same way someday.

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