Dave’s Killer Bread Sandwich Thins

For the carb conscious, bread makers did a smart thing. They created really thin slices of bread – two heels, really –  and marketed them as sandwich thins.

Let’s boil this down. By giving you less bread, they can charge more money and you thank them. Marketing 101.

My daughter loves these sandwich thins. She’s 8. She doesn’t care about carbs or calories. Frankly, the metabolism of an 8-year-old is wasted on an 8-year-old. What I wouldn’t do for that metabolism.

The real reason why she loves the sandwich thins is that compared to the nutrient dense homemade bread I make, this stuff takes like candy.

I’m not opposed to her eating store-bought whole wheat or multi-grain sandwich thins. However, I like that I know exactly what is in my homemade bread and that it contains protein, fiber and other nutrients from flax seed, quinoa, sunflower seeds and more. Incorporating this healthy stuff into our diet is important to me.

With that in mind, I decided to try and make my own sandwich thins. If you can’t beat them, join them.

I kept the ingredients of my regular Dave’s Killer Bread recipe all the same and just added one step at the end of the raising process.

My bread recipe makes two loaves of bread. I decided to make one regular loaf and then use the dough for the second loaf to make the sandwich thins. This yielded 8 thins, but if these are intended for children, I think I could have made them a little smaller.

While the first loaf of bread baked, I separated the dough from the second loaf into 8 equal-ish sections and rolled each section into a ball. I’d recommend putting a little bit of olive oil on your hands for this part to prevent the dough from sticking to your hands.

I greased a baking sheet, set the dough balls on the sheet and pressed the balls flat.
Then I used a wooden skewer to poke holes in the dough to simulate how the commercially-baked sandwich thins look.

Mine ended up just a little bit thicker than a regular sandwich thin, but still thinner than a slice of bread when sliced.

I think this was mainly due to the amount of dough I used and not knowing how much the bread would raise while it was resting. I will adjust next time.


I made a BLT with one of the sandwich thins and friends, I would not have shared even if you asked me nicely.

Before someone brings it up, yes, all the pepper is necessary. In fact, I dialed it back a little for you guys.

Most of the recipes for sandwich thins seem to originate from this one on You should check their recipe out.

What I learned in this process is that there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with a recipe. What’s the worst that happens? You ruin it? Big deal. You’ll get it next time. Or the next time. Or the…you get my point.


Is it sad that I could look at pictures of bread all day long? All. day. long.

There’s good stuff in this bread, folks. Happiness is baked right in.


Here’s my Knock-Off Dave’s Killer Bread Recipe. If you want to make the bread as is, follow the recipe. If you want to make one of the loaves into sandwich thins, add the last step like I did in this post. Play around with it! Let me know what you come up with.

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