Books My Kids Are Reading Now

My 9-year-old is a bookworm and I’m hopeful my 6-year-old will become one too. His reading abilities have exploded in the last few months. We go to the library weekly – sometimes daily for homework – and here are some books we’ve been reading together this month.

Knitbone Pepper – Ghost Dog

My kids loved this book – especially my daughter. If you have a pet you love, then you can probably relate to the story. It might even explain some of those strange sounds in your house?!

Danny the Champion of the World
With the recent celebrations at our local library and the release of the movie BFG, my kids have discovered the world of Roald Dahl. Finally!

This story was definitely entertaining and my kids enjoyed it immensely. It’s interesting to read a book with your children where the main characters are doing something wrong, but everything else about them is likeable and even upstanding.

The Magical Detective Agency: The Magical Detectives

We are halfway through this book, so I can’t vouch for how it ends. So far, my kids think it is hilarious that a cat can talk while on the magical quest. As for me, I’ll wait until we finish it to issue my final opinion.

Dork Diaries 3 1/2: How to Dork Your Diary

I have no idea how my daughter missed one of the Dork Diary books. I chalk it up to it being a popular series at the library. She’s devouring this book on the train. And don’t ask me what it’s about. I can only endure so much.

Poppy the Pirate Dog

My son brought this book home from school as his “read aloud” book of the week. I’ve been in first grade classrooms that had an abundance of cutesy books that the boys were definitely not interested in. This one, thankfully, wasn’t too cutesy and boys and girls would like it. If your child’s reading is progressing, but they aren’t quite ready for a full blown chapter book with no pictures, then check this book series out. It offers a good balance of challenging words and some pictures thrown in too.

Why Spacemen Can’t Burp

I admit it – I probably enjoyed this book more than my kids! The book is filled with short 1 and 2 page answers to all sorts of weird questions that kids ask. Why do doughnuts have holes in the middle? Or can kids be raised by animals? I also admit I have pondered this question a time or two since becoming a parent.

If you have some books you think we’d enjoy reading, let me know! I’ll be happy to add them to our reading list!


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