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Christmas Mantel – Peace

I brought my scrap wood dove out of storage for the Christmas season.

He’s fragile, but resilient.

He just needed a little time and some wood glue to pull himself back together.

Before long he was flying high above our Christmas mantel again representing peace, hope and love.


As Christmas approaches and world events unfold, peace has been on my mind lately.

Having peace doesn’t mean that we never disagree.

Having peace doesn’t mean that there are never

Peace stems from the ultimate realization – a belief at the very center of one’s core – that as human beings far more binds us together than tears us apart.

That there must be a better way to live than by fighting, killing, yelling, demeaning, spreading false truths, deliberately provoking, never compromising and approaching life through the myopic lens of selfishness.

At least, that’s what I tell my kids when they deliberately push each other’s buttons.

There must be a better way.

This stream of thought reminded me of the Christmas song, Belleau Wood, sung by Garth Brooks. If you’ve never heard this song set during the backdrop of WWI, I encourage you to listen to it and try not to get a lump in your throat. Just try.

“Then I thought that I was dreaming for right there in my sight stood the German soldier ‘neath the falling flakes of white. And he raised his hand and smiled at me as if he seemed to say, here’s hoping we both live to see us find a better way. Then the devil’s clock struck midnight and the skies lit up again. And the battlefield where heaven stood was blown to hell again. But for just one fleeting moment, the answer seemed so clear. Heaven’s not beyond the clouds, it’s just beyond the fear. No, heaven’s not beyond the clouds. It’s for us to find it here.

Wishing you all peace, hope, happiness and love this Christmas season and all the days through.

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