Books My Kids Are Reading Part 2

The other day my 6-year-old son was standing in front of his bookshelf and I hear him holler out, “Mom! You need to get me some history books!” I was so shocked to hear this come out of his mouth since he spends most of his time talking about farts, Legos and Minecraft that I didn’t even mind that he forgot to use the word please. I have no idea what prompted this declaration, but the next time we go to the library we’ll be sure to head straight for the history section.

In the meantime, here are some books my kids and I have read together recently that they loved – even if they weren’t about history.


We are currently working our way through The Wind in the Willows. I’m not going to kid you, it’s going to take awhile. A book written over 100 years ago uses more flowery language than my feeble brain is used to reading. My kids are constantly interrupting me to ask what certain words mean, which is awesome. Vocabulary building for the win! But it does slow down the actual story reading. A few times, so far, the animals have called each other an ass and so I change it to “naughty boy” or something clever like that! Despite all that, I think it’s worth it to continue making our way through this story.


This book starts with the premise of what happens when kids do “The Deed.” The Deed is when a child picks their nose and eats the booger. If this happens, the child can be taken by a band of animal pirates (pirate animals?) to another dimension where an entire series of wild adventures occur.

My kids loved this book. If the main characters weren’t animals, some of the plot points would be oh, no way! Being kidnapped by pirates, for instance. I think the over-the-top ridiculousness of the situation made the scenarios and the pirate battles fun, entertaining and too far-fetched  to be taken seriously. Plus, the hero of the story is actually a heroine who demonstrates how to be brave, smart and a good friend. But if your kids take things literally, you might wait on this one…unless they eat their boogers.


My son has had this book for about a year. It was packed away when we moved and he recently rediscovered it. The book is written by a world record holder for paper airplane throwing. Who would have thought there was such a thing?!

While my son can now read the directions, what I like most about this book is how good it is for building manual dexterity. To be able to cut and fold in an exact manner is a good skill to work toward. The more he performs these tasks, the better he gets and the better his airplane flies.


I like that the Guinness Book of World Records inspires kids to believe that anything is possible. If you love paper airplanes, then you can set a world record for flying paper airplanes. Why not?


The popularity of this book will only make sense if you have kids who like to watch other people play Minecraft on YouTube. Yes, instead of playing Minecraft themselves, they are watching other people play Minecraft. It makes no sense to me either, but now I wish I would have thought of the idea because I think being a YouTube star pays quite well.

DanTDM (Dan Middleton) is a popular YouTuber and he wrote a graphic novel. My kids were over-the-moon to get this book for Christmas. This is not The Wind in the Willows type literature, by any means, but any time a child willingly picks up a book is a win in my mind.


My kids found this book WILDLY entertaining – beg me to keep reading one more chapter entertaining. It’s all about the idea of what if animals could pretend to be humans? In this story, a family of hyenas does just that. How do they pull it off? Does anyone discover their secret? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

That’s the sampling of some of the books we’ve enjoyed lately! It always makes me happy to see my kids engaged in a good story.

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  • Sandy Smith

    I love your write ups about books. I don’t have small children around much but these things are nice to know when I want to get a book for someone. As you know you had the best reading encourager in the world. She instilled that appreciation in me.

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