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Happy List #14

Hello, hello!

This week felt a little long to me, so I’m all about the TGIF today.

Earlier this week I took you on a tour of my local grocery store in Ireland and showcased some of my favorite food items for your viewing pleasure. In honor of Valentine’s Day and all of you who make my world a happier place, I also shared two free love printables.

Here’s what’s on my Happy List this week.

Girl Scout Gum?

Someone makes Girl Scouts Gum now. I read somewhere that the gum holds its flavor for an hour. An hour? Really? What can’t those Girl Scouts do?

I haven’t tried it though. If you’ve tried it, let me know if it lives up to the hype!

Giant Connect 4

The Home Depot Blog shares step-by-step instructions (including cut lists) on how to make your own Connect 4 game.

How cool would this be for backyard BBQs, summer camps or family reunions?

(image source)

Ottoman DIY

I thought this was a clever reuse for a wood electrical spool. While it seems like a lot of work, it might be worth it if you got the spool for free or dirt cheap. At least that would save you the cost and time of cutting the round plywood pieces.

Learn more, including step-by-step directions at Infarrantly Creative.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Guys. I think I’m late to the game on these yoga videos for kids, but I’m glad I eventually showed up!

Lately, before or after our nightly story time, my kids have been doing one of the Cosmic Kids Yoga videos on YouTube. The lady leading the videos is a heck of a storyteller and each yoga move correlates to a part of the story. There’s LOTS of movement, so it is good for little ones with short attention spans. While I’d say the videos are mainly geared for younger children, my 9-year-old seems to enjoy them so far too.

Last night my 6-year-old watched one where she talked about your “attention” as a muscle. The more you train your “attention,” the stronger it gets. I liked how she didn’t present a short attention span as a bad thing, but as another part of our body we can grow and improve.

Origami Hearts

Did you see this on Facebook? Love Matters shared this post about an anonymous student at Troy High School in Ohio who spent over 5 months making origami hearts for every person in the high school.

Valentine’s Day can be hard for anyone, but especially teenagers who are dealing with all of the teenage hormone stuff. I love that every single student was included in this gesture. There’s hope for the world!

(image via)


If you’re looking for an awesome Sugar Cookie recipe, I tried this one on AllRecipes.com this week. “Best cookie ever” was the response from the students at my children’s school. I’d take that endorsement with a grain of salt, but they were tasty – especially with chocolate drizzled on top.

I did follow the recommendations from the reviewers on how to add more flavor to the recipe.

Scrap Wood Bunny

This is something I might make if we hadn’t sold all of our tools.

Note to self: buy a saw.
Other note to self: find out where they sell saws in Ireland.
Other, other note to self: see if they can deliver it to my door.

Read all about the how-to at My Recipe Confessions.

Galvanized Metal Clock

There were a bunch of gems in the most recent issue of Country Living.

I need someone to make me this galvanized metal clock because, you know, TOOLS!

I also like the rooster. And the ladder. And the plant stand. All of it. I like all of it.

That’s it for this week, folks! I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Go out and spread some happiness and cheer!


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