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Colorful Wall in a Girl’s Room

It was inevitable.

Every parent faces it.

That moment when your child develops an…it’s hard for me to say…here goes…

An OPINION about what his or her room should look like.

Cue the dramatic music. A little bit louder, please.

Now, cue the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Mine.

Yes, it happened. Opinions, opinions galore. Conflicting opinions that changed without rhyme or reason. It was exhausting to keep up with it all.

I’d add a “woe is me,” but I don’t want to sound melodramatic.

After much discussion, brainstorming and compromise my daughter and I ended up agreeing to a basic framework for a design plan for her bedroom.

The design plan was very specific. It mainly consisted of, well, EVERYTHING. All the colors. The whole freaking rainbow.

And butterflies. Mainly because we had the butterfly art and also because my daughter picked out butterfly bedding.

That was after I said “no, you can’t have bedding with a giant screenprint of a tiger’s face.”

I have my limits.

I’ll show you her bedding another day. When the bed is made.

Basically, we ended up using most of what we already had, just putting it together in a different way to make her room feel like hers.

The radio alarm clock was a Christmas present and it is from Amazon UK. It has bluetooth capability and is about the cutest radio I’ve ever seen. The sound isn’t too bad, either.

The alarm does an awesome job of waking everyone in the house up…except my daughter who sleeps right next to it. Go figure.

Here’s one more picture because I really like that radio.

Does anyone else’s children collect rocks and shells? Sometimes I wonder, “why is my child’s backpack so heavy?” Then I open it up and out falls half a riverbed worth of rocks.

My daughter likes yellow, so the frame of her cork board (below) received a quick makeover courtesy of a pot of test paint. Sorry, I didn’t get a very good shot of the entire cork board for some reason and I’m too lazy to go back and take another one. That would involve dusting again…enough said, right?

The cork board is attached to the wall with Command Strips because we have concrete walls.

Drilling holes into concrete walls is number one on the list of things that Handy Husband hates to do. Since he’s made the task look like so much fun, I’ve decided to avoid it until we get a heavier duty drill.

To fulfill my mission of adding as much color as possible to this room, I did braid some yarn together to make it appear as if the cork board is hanging from something. The small things bring me the greatest pleasure and that braided yarn makes me smile when I see it.

In case you are curious, I thought I’d show you what our light switches look like in this house.

The bedroom lights are all on a dimmer.

The oddest thing is not the square faceplates.

The oddest thing is that the light switches are probably 5 ft. off the ground. My youngest has to jump to turn the light switches on. These light switches are definitely not friendly to the vertically-challenged, young children or anyone in a wheelchair.

I hung my daughter’s guitar on the wall because floor space is scarce in this room.

The walls need to worker harder, dang it. You know, beyond the whole “holding the roof up” thing.

Plus, her blue guitar fits in nicely with everything else on that wall.

So that’s the colorful wall in my daughter’s room and she loves how her room is coming together. If she’s happy, I’m happy. I think. Hey, maybe next time I’ll show you one of the other walls in her room…the one with all the animal posters hung askew.

At least it’s not boy band posters. Yet.

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