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Repurposing Denim Belt Loops to Hang Towels

I recently read a New York Times article entitled 5 Cheap(ish) Things That Could Disproportionately Improve Your Life.

I’m ALL about improving my life on the cheap(ish).

The author, Tim Herrera, wrote this:

“I never would’ve thought a thin, black, six-foot iPhone charging cable would change my life.

Yet here we are, and that magic cable is the Amazon Basics lightning-to-USB iPhone charging cable (also available in micro-USB). This little wonder of PVC and copper wiring solves an irritatingly modern non-problem problem: the three-foot leash that is the stock charging cable usually bundled with most smartphones.

Cue the tiny violin.

But once you’re able to roam just a little farther, you realize how much that three-foot leash affects the way you navigate your living space. How you orient yourself at home while charging your phone changes. The happiness of lying on my couch while charging far outweighed the cable’s $7.99 price tag.” 

YES! Exactly what he said about an ‘irritatingly modern non-problem problem!’

(Also, I need one of those cords. STAT.)

I recently had an irritating non-problem problem that was wreaking havoc on how I utilized that room I can never escape my kitchen.

Please note that ‘wreaking havoc’ is way over the top a tad bit melodramatic, but I’m taking creative license with that phrase because it is Monday and I can.

This problem was kitchen towels that did not have a hanging loop. (I had to Google what that thing was even called, by the way.)

A few of my kitchen towels had a hanging loop already attached when I purchased them. The other offenders rest did not.


Enter a simple solution to my kitchen irritant. It didn’t cost me a dime. But man, I get an irrational amount of happiness over kitchen towels that actually hang nicely and don’t fall off the hooks I have set up.

I was going to add a little length of ribbon to make a hanging loop, but I didn’t have any ribbon in my craft stash that was wide enough for this particular project – unless I wanted to use Valentine’s Day-themed ribbon. There are limits to my LOVE for drying dishes, so I passed on that idea.

I did have a pair of my husband’s denim jeans though!

He’ll never miss them!

I cut the belt loops off to use as the hanging loops on my towels.

They were the right size, color and the denim will probably outlast the towels.

I elected to place my loop on the corner of the towel because that’s where the loop is placed on my other towels. There’s no right or wrong here – go with whatever floats your boat!

Now, if you had a sewing machine this next part would take 3.2 seconds.

I don’t.

I stitched the ends of the loops onto the towel with a needle and thread instead. I wasn’t timing it, but it took slightly longer than 3.2 seconds to finish this project.

My sewing skills can be categorized as stitch the crap out of it and hope it holds novice.

No exaggeration.

So if my travel sewing kit and I can knock out this project, you can too!

This is how my new hanging loop looked when I finished.

The thread blended nicely – thank goodness. I tried to hide most of the stitches on the reverse side (the front of the towel) in the double layer of fabric edging.

And now, the best part!

Kitchen towels that don’t fall off the hooks!

It’s the small things, isn’t it?

It still makes me ridiculously happy to see them all lined up there!

Add this project to the list of cheap(ish) things that can disproportionately improve your life!

The only problem I’ve had with this project is that my family STILL has not gotten the memo that the kitchen towels – all of them – now have hanging loops.

It’s been weeks, people! Help a mama out!

I still have a lot of denim fabric to repurpose now that I’ve started cutting up Handy Husband’s old jeans. I’ve made denim flowers for this wreath, but I need more ideas! If you come across any clever ones, let me know!

Also, if you have a cheap(ish) thing that has brought disproportionate happiness to your life, for goodness sake, don’t keep it to yourself! Tell me what it is!

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