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MultiTasking Fail and a Rope Planter

Moms of the world, I hope I’m not the only one think you can relate to this scenario.

One simple thing you have to do. That’s it. One. simple. thing. And you pick a time to sneak away to do the one simple thing when both kids are entertaining themselves. They are old enough to do that now – thank goodness.

My one simple thing was to do something with this planter. It was pink and I started to paint it, which I realized was not going to help. This needed to be a complete cover up job if I wanted to keep the planter.

But the project goes sideways because in the midst of doing that one simple thing Child 1 wants to tell you a story. Verbal feedback is not enough. Child 1 is convinced you can’t actually listen without making eye contact. So you hear, “mom. Mom. MOM. MOOOOMMMM!” over and over again. Even though that child is standing right next to you and tugging on your shirt.

So you’re in the middle of the one simple thing. You’re also trying to make eye contact and listen to the story about whether or not the Titanic can crush a diamond.

Then Child 2 starts calling, “mom. Mom. MOM. MOOOOMMM!!!” from another room. This upsets Child 1 who now has to restart the entire story (See? I was listening.) about the Titanic and diamonds.

Never mind that hollering “mom” from the other room if no one is bleeding is expressly forbidden, which means I have to ignore the yelling until Child 2 gives up and comes to find me, interrupting Child 1’s story AGAIN to ask why I couldn’t hear them calling “mom.”


That’s when I rotated the planter, looked down and realized my cover up job that involved glue was looking less than covered up. While my perfectionistic streak does not run deep, it runs deep enough to know I’d need to start this project over.

I’m sure there are a whole host of things I could have done differently in this scenario.

Sometimes people on the internet are very helpful to point out all those different things. So helpful.

I’m just going to call this a multitasking fail.

The important thing is family harmony was restored and it wasn’t too difficult to fix the error.

Ah, much better!

If you want to try this project yourself minus the drama, all it takes is rope and hot glue. I used 1/2″ Twisted Sisal Rope, which is the same rope I used on this mirror makeover.

Just pay attention to all sides of your project as you glue the rope to the ceramic or plastic planter. Scroll up if you’ve forgotten.

To make the ends blend in a little better, I cut them on an angle. This helped hide where the rope started and finished.

I’ve been using this planter for several months and so far, so good on how it is holding up. I will say I am careful when watering the plant. Also, this planter doesn’t have any drainage, so it is functioning as a shell around a smaller planter.

I’m just so darn happy I’ve kept this plant alive since the spring. That’s six months longer than I’ve kept any other indoor plant alive. Go me!

The only thing left to resolve is COULD the Titanic crush a diamond?

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