Would I Make It Again? – Rhubarb Scones

I cook most everyday because it’s socially unacceptable to let my kids eat cereal for every meal the people in my family are always hungry.

Okay, fine. I’m always hungry too. The kids definitely take after me in this regard.

Sometimes I try a new recipe and think, “This would be fun to share with my blog friends.” I might even snap a picture of it, but then I never go on to share it because I only cooked or baked it once. I didn’t test the recipe. I didn’t make it uniquely mine. I didn’t do any of the things actual food blogs do to make sure a recipe is worth sharing.

Probably because this isn’t a food blog. But sometimes I do talk about food. You know I’m thinking about it!

I’m telling you this because I’m going to share some recipes in a new way. If I make something and feel like writing about it – this blog’s content is all about my whims, after all – I’m going to take you along on the journey and let you know if I would make the recipe again. That, my friends, is the true test of a recipe’s staying power – not whether or not it tasted good.

I really wish I had some theme music to cue this one up, but without further ado, here’s the first installment in Would I Make It Again? 

I don’t know anyone who LOVES rhubarb. Do you?

I know these mythical people are out there, but I haven’t met one yet.

I know plenty of people who are okay with rhubarb or indifferent to it or flat-out abhor it, as is Handy Husband’s opinion.

Opinions abound, but I was gifted a bag of frozen rhubarb. And I never turn down free food.

The lady who gave it to me had even diced it up. How nice is that? Seriously nice.

But then I had to figure out what to do with it. By ‘figure out,’ I mean trick Handy Husband into eating it. We’ve been married a long time and I can’t remember exactly, but it seems to me one of my marriage vows was to keep him on his toes.

Deep down, I’m sure he appreciates this about me.

Adding the rhubarb to a pie was the obvious choice.

Handy Husband is smart though. He’d catch onto that one quickly.

I eventually landed on scones. Scones are a normal bakery staple here in Ireland, so I’ve enjoyed some tasty ones. Let’s call all those trips to the bakery “research,” shall we?

I found this recipe for Rhubarb Scones from Taste of Home and it looked worth trying. One of the ingredients was something I wouldn’t normally keep on hand, so I subbed it out, but other than that, the recipe wasn’t complicated.

So, would I make rhubarb scones again? 

You want a yes or no answer, don’t you?

All of the sudden I see how this plan of mine is backfiring. Hmm…

Yes, I would include rhubarb in scones. Yes, these were tasty – especially straight out of the oven. Handy Husband ate most of them and didn’t even realize he was eating rhubarb until I did my victory dance.

Yes, I’m shameless in this regard. I’m sure Handy Husband appreciates this about me.

I’m not convinced this particular scone recipe is my soulmate though. Mainly because I never keep an ingredient like whole wheat pastry flour in my pantry. Do you?

In all fairness, subbing out an ingredient means you’re not making the actual recipe. So take my experience with a grain of whole wheat pastry flour salt.

All in all, I’m pretty happy I experimented with something new. I don’t think I’ve ever baked with rhubarb and it was long past time I remedied that!

I still have a lot of rhubarb left though.

Handy Husband is SO excited.

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