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Happy List: #76

Exciting news in my life this week.

I got a haircut. To put this another way, I trusted a complete stranger to wield a pair of sharp scissors on the single most identifying part of my anatomy – my unruly hair. Finding a new hair stylist is easy. Trusting that person is hard!

In other news, discussion on the Adirondack chair situation is in full swing. Handy Husband invites you all over to help with the build.

Oh, and I received a bunch of direct messages about my potluck anxiety when I wrote about the Lemony Pasta Salad on Monday. You guys crack me up and encourage me! Bottom line…we aren’t alone in this world.

Last, but not least, a riveting update for you. The couch I tried to make Handy Husband think I was buying went down in price. It started at $450 and it’s down to $260! I wonder how low they will have to go to sell it? Click over to see the picture…it’s a doozy!

Here’s the Happy List!


I love this spoon room idea by A Storied Style so much. It’s different. It’s quirky.

It’s a good example of if something makes you happy then hang it on the wall already!

You MUST go read her post and see the AMAZING thing they are adding to the wall that’s not a spoon.

(image: A Storied Style)

Also, if you’re thinking everything on the Internet and in magazines looks the same, then read this article by Centsational Girl. She has some thoughts about why this is happening.


Say what you will about politics, I love seeing the former presidents interact.

Their sense of humor, respect, and affection for each other is heart-warming, don’t you think?


I have been reading Simply Kierste Design and gleaning a ton of fun ideas! This was one of them. A fun, easy way to jazz up ice cream sandwiches.

(image: Simply Kierste Design Co.)

I’m thinking you’d be safest refreezing the ice cream sandwiches, if you are stacking them, with wax paper between the sandwiches. That chocolate outer layer can be sticky. Just a thought. Perhaps I should eat a few experiment to find out!


Addicted2Decorating shares how she pressure washed her POLYESTER rug. It wasn’t specifically an indoor/outdoor rug, but she chanced it and it worked out. Now is the time of year to try this trick – that’s for sure!

I have a rug I need cleaned, but I’m pretty sure it’s not polyester. Boo!

(image: Addicted2Decorating)


On the water, lots of architectural goodies…gorgeous, isn’t it?


This song has been on repeat around here.

I challenge you to listen to it and not bob your head or tap your foot!


Did I ever tell you what I got myself we got Handy Husband for Father’s Day?

We got him two YETI Can Coozies from Dick’s Sporting Goods. They were ridiculously expensive for a can coozie at $25, but I figured if Handy Husband didn’t like them, he could take them back to the store and spend the money on something he really wanted.

It’s a good thing he likes the YETI Can Coozies because I like them too much to take them back!

To illustrate the power of this thing, the other day I place an unopened can of soda in one of these coozies and then left it in the hot car on an 85 degree day. 3 hours later the can was still cold when Handy Husband opened it. Not straight from the ice bucket cold, but still cold.

Last I checked they were a few bucks cheaper in the store at Dick’s Sporting Goods, but Amazon sells them in a variety of colors too.


Have you heard of a Swedish torch? I feel like all my Swedish relatives should have clued me into this trick before now.

Or maybe I would know about this if I went camping.

How to make one can by found at Fresh Off The Grid.

(image: Fresh Off The Grid)

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy the weekend.


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