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Happy List: #118


I hope you all had a great week. Mine has felt very full, so I am happy the weekend is almost here. 

If anything about my website has been wonky (or wonkier than usual) this week, I apologize. Please bear with us. Handy Husband has been working behind-the-scenes on the site in the last 8 days to improve a variety of technical things that search engines care about. One “improvement” can inadvertently cause another feature to completely stop working. It is a good thing I did not get my blood pressure checked this week! 

On Monday I shared the trash my son found in the forest. I do love a good trash to treasure story! On Wednesday I posted another roundup of books my kids have been reading

Here’s the Happy List.


Maybe I should get a waffle maker because this recipe looks delicious.

Food Network has a whole bunch of ways to use brownie mix other than the obvious. 

brownie mix waffles via Food Network

(image: Food Network)


You can now rent Harry Houdini’s former home on VRBO for a cool $1,500 per night! No biggie, right? Ha!

The outside of the home seems the most interesting to me.


I don’t see it a ton in real life, but I like when artwork in a gallery wall is hung lower on the wall like in this image in Sunset.

low gallery wall by thomas j story for sunset magazine

(image: Thomas J. Story via Sunset)


I know I’ve shared this song before, but I heard it again the other day and the verses toward the end leapt out at me. They are always good lyrics to remember, but I think that particular day I was trying to process some really troubling things happening in the world.

Here’s a snippet of the lyrics that really resonated…

May compassion be the measure
when you fail or your succeed.
May you know the sweet abundance
of no more than you need.
May you celebrate the moment
whatever it may bring.
And may love be the last song that you sing.

May your heart be ever faithful
and may the words you speak be true.
May you seek the good in others
as they find the good in you.
May one simple act of kindness
be a flame that burns within.
And may love be the last song that you sing.


This home featured in Atlanta Homes Magazine is gorgeous, but what really made me pause was the sidelight next to this Dutch door. It matches the actual door and I’m sure that makes a huge statement in person.

black dutch door Atlanta Homes Magazine

(image: Atlanta Homes Magazine)


When I am into something, I am REALLY into it. Today that something is toothpaste.

I’ve always switched between Colgate and Crest. My kids currently use Tom’s and Burt’s Bees brands of toothpaste. We’re not very brand loyal. 

If I want my teeth to feel ‘just from the dentist’ clean I brush with baking soda. Baking soda also removes coffee stains. 

Last week I tried the Hello brand of toothpaste. I found it at Target. I kid you not – this stuff tastes a million times better that regular toothpaste. Like actual fresh mint. Plus, my teeth felt clean. Just from the dentist clean. IT WAS AMAZING!

I gave Handy Husband a big smooch to prove it! That was amazing too!

Man, I hope my dad didn’t just read that. 

Bottom line, if you see this toothpaste try it.

hello toothpaste

P.S. I pulled out all my hand modeling skills for you. You’re welcome. 


This is the prettiest flower stand from Gal Meets Glam. Definitely check out the rest of this space!

(image: Gal Meets Glam)


I listened to this Science Vs. podcast about whether or not the fasting diet really works and why. The real promise in fasting has nothing to do with diets, but scientists think it might help fight cancer for an interesting reason. 

I read this Forbes article on why Einstein knew gravity must bend light.

I also read two similar quotes this week:

“Blessed are the weird people — poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters & troubadours — for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.” — Jacob Nordby

 “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes…the ones who see things differently.” — Steve Jobs


To all the women out there who have raised, are raising or will raise children – bless you! 

If Mother’s Day is hard because your mom is not in your life through death or circumstance, I get it. I shared my experience of ‘Mothering Without a Mother’ here.

That’s it for today. Happy Friday!

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