happy thrifting smalltown antiques

Happy Thrifting: Smalltown Antiques

I’ll happily admit I’m the type of shopper that judges an antique or thrift store by the stuff they have outside. If it looks like “good” stuff – whatever that means – I’m more likely to want to stop.

Do you do that too?

Smalltown Antiques in Flanders, New Jersey, had all sorts of good stuff outside its front door when I visited. I’m guessing thieves don’t steal old crocks?

happy thrifting smalltown antiques

Not only was the outside packed, but Smalltown Antiques the kind of shop that is brimming with interesting finds inside too.

It’s not big space-wise, but there’s a lot to take in.

I loved the bookends on this table and the old-fashioned scale.

happy thrifting smalltown antiques

Do you see the kettle in the below picture?

It was huge and was priced at hundreds of dollars. I believe $350, but don’t hold me to that.

Can you guess what it was used for back in its prime?

Making chocolate!

I’m now imagining a scenario where I have a giant fondue pot and I can’t see anything wrong with this dream.

happy thrifting smalltown antiques

I did not end up buying anything on this trip because I just bought a house full of junk I’m looking for a few specific things that I didn’t find this particular day.

Based on the number of shoppers that I saw, the inventory turnover at Smalltown Antiques is probably pretty high, so I’m sure if I went back today I’d have a decent chance of finding what I “need.” Resisting the urge…

Smalltown Antiques is roughly 90 minutes east of New York City. If you’d like to visit, here is their Facebook page for directions and hours.

Happy thrifting and antiquing!

P.S. As a side note, I did drive by Smalltown Antiques earlier this week and that chocolate kettle was gone! I’d love to see what the person who bought it is using it for.

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