the great garden misunderstanding
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The Great Garden Misunderstanding

Our Colonial Farmhouse has a small patch of dirt that was used as an oddly placed garden for many years.

The year before we bought the house a new septic system was installed and the garden area was damaged in the process. Add a little neglect to the situation and by the time we moved in the garden bed had become a riot of weeds with a few bits of fencing straining to stay upright.

And that’s the nicest thing I can say about that eyesore.

We’ve been meaning to remove or clean up the garden area for months, but it just hasn’t been a priority. A few weekends ago, Handy Husband decided to remove the garden bed entirely.

the great garden misunderstanding

Can I make a confession? I hear it is good for the soul.

Between you and me, guilt is the reason why we decided to move this project up on the priority list. That ugly garden bed is smack dab in our neighbor’s line of vision. There is no fence between our properties, but there was that eyesore.

We really lucked out in the neighbor department. These are the nicest and tidiest neighbors one could ever hope to live next to. Next level tidy. See the barn in these pictures? That belongs to them and they weed-whack it every week. They also mow our lawn and weed-whack around our property too. And they won’t take payment. Unless cookies count.

Since they are so tidy and our property isn’t, we thought maybe we should try to clean things up for them…and us. But also them.

The kids were “helping” Handy Husband with this project.

the great garden misunderstanding

On one of the 4,377 drink breaks that my 9-year-old came in the house for during this 3-hour project, this was our conversation.

9-year-old: Mom, can we replant the garden now?

The intent is that someday we will move the garden bed to a better location, but not this particular day and definitely not in September. 

Me: No, it is the wrong time of ye–.

9-year-old: Pleeeease?

Me: No. Please don’t interrupt. It is the wrong time of year. Gardens need to be planted in the spring when it is warm and sunny and the beginning of the growing season. I don’t make up the rules when it comes to the natural laws of plant growth.

But if I could, I would make up a natural law that kept plants alive when I forgot to water them.

9-year-old: We could build a greenhouse and then we could have a garden all year.

Me: We could, but that isn’t going to happen right now.

9-year-old: Why not?

Me: Because we have a million other priorities to do first like put a light switch in your bedroom. And I don’t need the added responsibility right now.

9-year-old: But I would help.

Me: Hmmm. Tempting, but no.

9-year-old: I’d be really good at it.

Me: I’m sure you would be.

All moms know the luster of a garden would fade quickly when the kids realize how much work is involved. 

9-year-old: So when can we plant one?

Me: Buddy! You don’t even like vegetables. Why on earth would you want a garden?

And without missing a beat he says…

9-year-old: For flowers! For you, Mom.

Ladies, this one is going to be a charmer.

Me: That’s sweet, but you do realize that you don’t need a garden for flowers, right? They can grow in any of the gazillion flower beds on this property…when it is the right season.

9-year-old: *gives me a skeptical look*

In fairness, his formative years were spent living in Ireland where yards are called gardens. They are fans of growing flowers in their gardens, but that tidbit dawned on me later.

Me: Drink break is over. Go help your dad.

9-year-old: *Proceeds to put his shoes on in a manner so slow he could teach a sloth a thing or two.*

the great garden misunderstanding

Kids amaze me with their ability to be exasperating and endearing all at the same time.

This little guy has a heart-of-gold and I sure am happy to be his mama.

P.S. If and when we ever plant a garden, I’ll be sure to let you know. Perhaps I should tell my son that we’ll plant one when he starts consistently eating a wide variety of vegetables.

P.P.S. Our neighbors have not mentioned the garden bed removal, but I can sense their appreciation. Kidding. I can’t. I’m just projecting. They probably didn’t give two hoots about that darn thing, but we feel much better about crossing another item off our to-do list.

P.P.S.S. (I don’t think those abbreviations are a thing.) Anyway, Handy Husband loves his garden cart, wheelbarrow thing. I love that he loves it because I don’t really want to have enough hands-on experience with how it works to love it too. You get me?

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  • Sandy Smith

    I love how these kids are one step ahead of us all the time. Tor knows how to get to you. Maybe he’ll forget having a garden next spring so enjoy his desires now. (I know it is to late for anything to grow). It was down to 34 at my house this morning. Brr!

    Your yard looks great. I’m glad you have such nice neighbors. You seem to have had several in the past.

    • annisa

      Brrr! You must be freezing. I’ve been watching the news of potato farmers in Idaho trying to salvage their crops. My heart goes out to them. And, yes, we have been very blessed in the neighbor department over the years.

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