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Is Everyone Selling Their House?

Is everyone selling their house right now?

Does it feel that way in your neighborhood?

It sure feels that way in mine. I see new for sale signs popping up seemingly all the time. 

Two houses directly across the road from us have sold in the last year.


Is it us? Do we smell? 


Don’t answer that. 

I’m going to use our time today to provide you a little tour of what’s for sale in my proverbial backyard.

These are houses that I find particularly interesting for one reason or another. A few actually made my gasp! These houses are not representative of the market as a whole in my area. At least, I hope they aren’t because that would mean I’m priced out. 

Let’s get this good ol’ romp through Zillow started. 

First up there’s this historic gem in Lambertville, New Jersey. For a cool $1.75 million all 6,000 sq. ft. of it can be yours. Here’s the Zillow listing

Lambertville is often found on those lists of best places to go antiquing. It is also home to the Golden Nugget Flea Market

42 york street lambertville

(image: Zillow)

Now, I didn’t mean to show you two million dollar plus properties right in a row, but this one in Hampton, New Jersey, is a converted barn and there are actually two houses on this property. So, totally worth it, right? Ha!

Seriously though, I am a sucker for a converted barn. Here’s the Zillow listing. You have to see what they did with the inside, especially the windows. 

140 Driftway E Hampton NJ 
(image: Zillow)

This next one is the Hunt-Reading-Sorby House and was built in 1800. It is believed to be the first house built in the historic enclave of Raven Rock. 

As a side note, I wish our house had an official name! 

It is priced in the $500k range. Here’s the Zillow listing

hunt reading sorby house via zillow

(image: Zillow)

How could I not include this house? It looked so happy with those striped awnings! I’ve never seen anything quite like it. 

It was also built around 1800 and sits on 22 acres in Milford, New Jersey. I like how most of the woodwork is in its original state. 

Here’s the Zillow listing.

50 woolf road milford nj via Zillow

(image: Zillow)

I wonder if the sheep in the backyard come with the house? 

This cutie in Frenchtown, New Jersey, is newer than some I’ve shown you! 1865!

It is adorable inside. Here’s the Zillow listing

510 Railroad Ave via zillow

(image: Zillow)

I like that blue front door a lot. 

This house is so interesting to me because it’s party in the front, business in the back. Or, in other words, historic in the front, completely new in the back. If you only saw the back of this house you would never guess that it is 120 years old. 

Here’s the Zillow listing

Do you want to play guess the price? 

57 Sliker Road via zillow

(image: Zillow)

If you guessed $625k you would be the winner!

Also, that corner entrance with the 2nd-story porch makes me heart go pitter-patter. 

Give me all the stone houses! 

This circa 1710 home sits on 3 acres in the historic hamlet of Changewater.

This home predates George Washington. He wasn’t born until February 22, 1732.

(Don’t say you never learn anything reading this blog!) 

You have to see all the exposed stone walls inside the house. It is nuts. 

I also love all the covered entrances. Here is the Zillow listing

170 Musconetcong River Road via zillow

(image: Zillow)

The only junk emails I read these days are from Zillow.

Home prices in some of the zip codes that I follow in New Jersey are up 10% year over year according to Zillow’s market reports. I take those reports with a grain of salt since they appear to be a snapshot in time and can change from month to month. However, pre-pandemic, Zillow was forecasting that home prices would decline in my area and now they are up 7 – 10%. 

I suspect that’s why everyone is selling. 

The real question is where are they going? 

I sure am happy we bought the Colonial Farmhouse when we did. Let’s hope that when we sell the prices are in our favor. Timing is everything, isn’t it?

Now tell me, are there a ton of homes for sale in your area too? 

P.S. We aren’t planning on selling our house anytime soon, but if someone knocked on my front door tomorrow and offered to buy it, I’d have to seriously consider it. Although, I don’t answer my door for strangers, so the likelihood of that happening is slim to none.

Thanks for being here today. Are houses selling like crazy in your area too? Give me the scoop! In the meantime, here are some other posts you might enjoy.

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