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Happy List: #203

Welcome to this week’s Happy List. Whether you are a regular reader or new to this blog, I am glad you are here.

This week on the ol’ blog I shared a wood bowl makeover. A little bit of sanding goes a long way toward updating wood thrift store bowls. I also shared an easy St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece that you can enjoy the entire month of March because it won’t go bad!

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Here’s the Happy List!


Not that I’ve been ironing lately, but having an ironing board that folds up into a drawer might make me WANT to iron. The key word in that sentence is might. Unfortunately, I’ll probably never know because I don’t have a laundry room this big.

More laundry room gadgets can be found in this Domino article.

Gadgets are cool, but by far, the best laundry trick is to teach your kids to do their own laundry.

 Hafele’s Ironfix product ironing board in a drawer on the happy list

(image: via Domino)


All Things Good Co. is one of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram because the stories are varied, but always up-lifting. 



Here we all thought crayons were for coloring.

Herb Williams uses crayons to make amazing sculptures that draw attention to the climate crisis.

Go read this article see more pictures from this series. You can also learn more about his work here. The busts he makes out of crayons were my favorite.

“First Fire.” All images © Herb Williams, by Hannah Deits

(image: “First Fire.” All images © Herb Williams, by Hannah Deits via This is Colossal)


I’m really into rooms like this that you step up into and it feels like you are in a cozy little oasis where you can read, converse, chill, etc.

However, the star of this home is the outside. Epic cabin by the lake vibes. See pictures in this New England Home article.

Photography by Jim Westphalen new england home maloney myer wine room on the happy list

(image: Photography by Jim Westphalen for New England Home)


I never thought about the fact that the iceberg shape we all commonly think of, a cone with only a little bit sticking above the water, wouldn’t actually float that way with the small end up.

I think we all know this science fact if we pause to contemplate it for a moment, but we also commonly accept the inaccurate depiction of icebergs in books, magazines, and movies. What’s up with that?

To that end, someone built an iceberg simulator where you can draw an iceberg shape and it will show you how it floats.

It was such a great way to illustrate this concept to my kids. Go try it out yourself!

Here’s a screenshot of one of the shapes I drew.

iceberg simulator on the happy list

(image: Iceberger)


Mice do not make me happy. Catching them without having to touch anything in the process makes me very happy. 

This rolling mouse catch kit that you attach to the top of a bucket has been the most effective way we’ve caught mice this year. Yes, I said mice plural. Who wants to visit now? Hahahahaha. 

We use peanut butter for bait. So far, none of them have managed to get any of the peanut butter. 

rolling mouse catch kit on amazon

(image: Amazon)

Let’s cleanse our minds now with a garden picture….


This photo with its repeating trellises is so pretty. What a great way to add character to a plain wall.

I like that the gate is made in the same style.

ED GOHLICH repeating trellis via BHG on the happy list

(image: Ed Gohlich for BHG)


The short imagined monologue by Emily Delaney titled, “I’m a Short Afternoon Walk and You’re Putting Way Too Much Pressure On Me” made me laugh because it is a wee bit true.

I don’t want to spoil it for you by sharing any quotes from it, but if your afternoon walks during the pandemic have become a lifesaver, you will like Emily’s short essay.

Thanks for reading today’s Happy List!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Be good to yourself and others. 

I’ll see you back here on Monday with a fresh new blog post!


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