mother's day when was the last time you felt appreciated

Moms, When Was the Last Time You Felt Appreciated?

Moms, when was the last time you felt appreciated?

Really appreciated?

The other morning I was sitting in bed drinking coffee and reading a book. It’s my favorite any day weekend activity. I could hear the morning buzz around me of the kids playing Minecraft and Handy Husband grinding more beans for coffee.

Next thing I know Handy Husband comes into the bedroom, gives me a big hug, and says, “You pre-sliced the bagels before you put them in the freezer! I thought I was going to have to try and cut through a frozen bagel.”

I did do that.

Honestly, I did it for the kids because I’ve heard the hospital horror stories of cut hands from bagel slicing.

It was such a simple act on my part, but the fact that Handy Husband appreciated my simple gesture enough to come upstairs to tell me while his bagel was toasting really made my day.

I rode that appreciation high all day.

Moms do a lot of things for families that go unnoticed. Maybe even unappreciated. We don’t do them for the appreciation. We do them because it’s the right thing or because it makes the household run smoother or out of love.

But when we do feel appreciated…man, you can bet I’ll happily pre-slice those bagels until my dying day!

For this Mother’s Day, I suggest you tell your mom or the mom figures in your life something specific that they’ve done or do that you appreciate.

Flowers and chocolates are good, but if you can call attention to a mom’s small acts of love that keep your household, your life, your day running more smoothly, I guarantee she’ll hold those thoughts and words close for the times when she wonders why she’s doing ALL. THE. THINGS. for her family.

Happy early Mother’s Day.

P.S. Old statistic, but the bagel slicing danger is real!

P.P.S. I’ve only shared old pictures of my kids in this post that are already on the blog. The older they get, the less I show their cute faces.

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