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2022 House Project Goals

We’re a full two months into 2022 and I’m finally writing about our 2022 house project goals.

Who’s on top of things? Not me, I guess. Ha!

Here’s the deal. I feel like we’re in a bit of a rest period.

Or perhaps a bit of a dread-the-rest period.


We’ve spent the last two and a half years tackling the low-hanging fruit around here. There was a lot of it, so it kept us busy.

That wallpaper removal alone…phew.

The projects we need to tackle next get a little more involved than a can of paint on a Saturday afternoon. They require some planning, some budgeting, and some crossing of fingers that things won’t be as bad as we think.

Don’t get me wrong, these house projects will be totally worth it. I’m just working up the energy for them.

So here are our 2022 House Project Goals:

2022 House Project Goal #1: Replace Rotting Siding

There is some very soft siding on the back of our house that needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

This fall we looked at each other and said, “Do you think this siding can make it through one more winter?”

Then we crossed our fingers. And our toes.

colonial farmhouse

Eventually, the whole house will need new siding. This is true for every house, so we aren’t special in that regard.

Our plan is to start with one section and see how it goes doing it ourselves.

2022 House Project Goal #2: Start Replacing Windows

If you ask me right now in the dead of winter what our next project should be, I’d look at my iced-over windows and say we need new windows upstairs. STAT!

Ask me again in the summer and I might change my mind.

living room window fall 2021 on the happy list

The first step will be selecting new windows and, honestly, this feels like a huge undertaking. There are so many options! I get overwhelmed.

I do know we want to match the style of the oldest windows in our house (see the above picture), so that does narrow it down a bit.

2022 House Project Goal #3: Fix and Add Concrete Around the Pool Deck

There are some areas around our pool deck that either need new concrete or just need concrete in general.

By switching out all the grass and rocks around the pool to concrete it will reduce the amount of time we spend on our weekly lawn and pool maintenance.

Plus, it will give us more useable space to have fun!

paint metal pool coping with marine paint

It will also be interesting to see if my painted pool coping held up during the winter!

*crosses fingers again*

2022 House Project Goal #4: Plant Some Flowers and Shrubs in the Front Flowerbeds

We’ve been working on the front yard landscaping in phases.

Phase 1 was to FIND the front yard under all the overgrown bushes.

Phase 2 was to remove the bushes and create flowerbeds.

Now we’ve moved on to Phase 3: put flowers in the flowerbeds.

Last year I added three lavender plants to keep the hosta plants and the hydrangeas company.

However, it still looks rather bare out there.

Not that I totally mind that minimalistic look.

However, it could look a little better.

sunset colonial farmhouse front yard stone path on the happy list

The trouble I’ve encountered is that there are a lot of tree roots in that flowerbed. It’s not only hard to plant something when you’re dealing with a mess of tree roots, the plants don’t always thrive in that environment either.

Or at least, that’s my excuse.

There’s also a tree stump that needs to be dug out and no one’s been too keen to jump on that task. I wonder why? Ha!

2022 House Project Goal #5: Replace the Tub/Shower In Our Downstairs Bathroom

I’ve never once shown you the shower in our downstairs bathroom and I’m not going to start today.

That shower makes my soul want to curl up in the fetal position.

It’s an old fiberglass (I think) tub/shower that cracked at one point and was repaired. That patch in the bottom of the tub is failing, so we are going to have to replace it before it starts leaking.

The benefit of this project, besides avoiding a water leak, is that we can tile the shower surround.

The disappointing part of this project is that we’ll end up putting a tub back into the space instead of creating a walk-in shower. I firmly believe a house needs at least one bathtub and this is the only bathroom in the house that has one or room for one.

But wait! There’s one more benefit. We will also use this opportunity to tile the bathroom floor. I’ve had my eye on some small, hexagon-shaped marble tile that has a wonderful historic feel.

All in all, we have a lot to look forward to with our 2022 house project goals. 

Even if we complete just a couple of things on this list we’ll be farther along than we are today. That’s a darn good feeling.

We are so happy to be living in this old colonial farmhouse and feel honored to be her current caretakers. We hope that the improvements we make will serve this house and everyone who lives here well.

Do you make house project goals too? I’d love to hear about them. You can email us here or send us a message on Instagram or Facebook .

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