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Happy List: #267

Hi! Welcome to this week’s Happy List. I’m glad you’re here for a dose of light-hearted inspiration.

This week on the blog I shared my 4 tips for using a headboard as a room divider. It’s a very niche topic, I know. Niche topics are my specialty around here. Ha!

I also shared some meaning behind my favorite candid photos of our house. That post seemed to really resonate with you all. Thank you for messaging me about that post and sharing your feelings about your home with me. I’m honored to be the recipient of those sentiments.

Thank you for your continued support of this blog in all ways, shapes, and forms. Even engaging with us on Instagram or Facebook is important to us. Your support truly helps our family, helps restore this old house we live in, and keeps this blog running.

Now, here’s the Happy List!


I’ve spent a long time thinking about these floors and wondering if something similar would work for our kitchen.

If you enjoy seeing how old and new are combined in homes, you’ll love seeing the rest of the pictures from this home.

BarlisWedlick-Bogart-Glen-Hudson-Valley-Home-tour-domino photo by JOSHUA MCHUGH

(image: via Domino)


I made calzones this week! It was one of those meals I’d forgotten about, but that everyone seems to enjoy because I can easily customize them for the meat and non-meat eaters in this house.

Also, I break ALL the rules with my calzones. They probably aren’t even calzones because I use pie crust instead of pizza dough. Maybe I should call them savory pies.

Here’s a calzone recipe from Spend with Pennies that got 5-star reviews!

calzone recipe from spend with pennies on the happy list

(image: Spend With Pennies)

Whatever you want to call them, calzones or savory pies, they freeze really well for an easy meal or snack later.


Be still my pumpkin-loving heart. This marble and glass pumpkin from Michael’s might be the best faux pumpkin I’ve ever seen. Isn’t it pretty?

It’s only available online though.

marble and glass pumpkin from michael's on the happy list

(image: Michael’s)


Have you heard of musical roads? They are roads with grooves cut into them. If you drive at exactly the speed limit over the grooves, the vibrations will play a song. Most of the musical roads around the world seem to play classical music.  However, in New Mexico, the song is America the Beautiful and in South Korea the song is Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Click here for a list of all the musical roads, including the ones that have been removed due to noise complaints. (I might complain about hearing Mary Had a Little Lamb over and over. Ha!)

Click here for links to videos of 5 musical roads in action.

sign beside tijeras musical road via wikipedia by Devilstocksoup on the happy list

(image: via Wikipedia)


If I was going to type using emojis, this garden and that purple door would have me using multiple heart-eye emojis.

See more pictures of this garden here.

photo by Rachel Warne miria_harris_fournier_st via house and garden uk on the happy list

(image: Rachel Warne via House and Garden UK)


This paper doily idea from Sugar and Soul charmed the heck out of me.

paper doily wrapped ice cream cones via sugar and soul on the happy list

(image: Sugar and Soul)


Have you heard of and/or tried products like Bluapple that extend the life of produce in your refrigerator by absorbing the ethylene gas that the fruit and veggies give off?

I haven’t pulled the trigger on this even though the reviews and the science seem solid. I need a personal recommendation from one of you. Does anyone want to try it first?

Based on my digging around on the internet, I think these products contain zeolite, which can absorb ethylene. Activated charcoal can also absorb ethylene, but not as well.


bluapple produce extender via amazon on the happy list

(image: Amazon)

I’m actually pretty good about not wasting produce. I’ll chop and freeze any fruit that’s starting to age for smoothies.

The problem is I’m WAY too optimistic about the amount of spinach and lettuce we will consume in any given week. I’d really like those items to last longer, if possible.


This idea from WM Design House on how to repurpose old bed springs into photo holders is super cute! They could hold Christmas cards too.

If you like this idea, WM Design House has 9 more ideas on how to repurpose old bed springs that you’ll enjoy too.

old bed springs photo holders via WM Design House on the happy list

(image: WM Design House)


“Oppositional energy is easy to create and spread. Once you pick a ‘they’, then it’s simply a matter of doing the opposite of whatever ‘they’ recommend. It’s a lazy shortcut, one that divides, demonizes and causes us to suspend our instincts toward better.

It works great in marketing a sports team, but it stops being helpful in most other arenas.

Oppositional division is a magnet for grifters. A con-man, hustler, swindler or charlatan that can’t possibly do well with thoughtful scrutiny discovers that trolling and arguing is an easy way to bypass the normal examination of what’s actually on offer.

It’s not just the patent medicine door-to-door salesperson who does this. It’s large trade associations, industrial lobbyists, pyramid schemers, technobabblers and others as well.

Sooner or later, someone points out that there’s a grift going on. Hopefully, we see it before it’s too late.”Seth Godin

Seth Godin is probably one of the most well-known marketing gurus in the world. He has books and courses you can take. He also posts daily on his blog with keen insights, advice, and observations that aren’t just limited to the business world. It is worth checking out. I think you’ll be inspired. I know I am.

Thanks for reading today’s Happy List!

Be good to yourself and others this weekend.

I’ll see you back here on Monday.



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