how to turn a clock into a picture frame a broken brass clock turned into a picture frame
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How To Turn A Clock Into A Picture Frame

What can you do with a clock that isn’t working? You can fix it, you can get rid of it, or you can turn it into a picture frame.

Yes, it’s possible, under many circumstances, to turn a clock into a picture frame.

Here’s how:

First, start with any clock that has the potential to be a picture frame. This will most likely be a tabletop clock or mantel clock. I found this brass clock at the thrift store.

How To Turn A Clock Into A Picture Frame

Now, take apart the clock so that you can access the clock face. You might need a screwdriver for this part.

Pay attention as you go or take a picture of how it looks because you will need to reassemble the clock frame later.

Remove the parts of the clock mechanism that you no longer need, like the hands.

How To Turn A Clock Into A Picture Frame

Second, clean the clock parts that you are keeping, especially the glass.

You don’t want to go through all this trouble and end up with smudges on your new picture frame.

I opted to leave the tarnish on my brass clock alone because I liked the aged look.

How To Turn A Clock Into A Picture Frame

Third, print out a picture to fit the former clock face. You’ll probably need to adhere it to the clock face with glue so that it stays in place. I used a half-dried-up glue stick that I dug out of my kid’s backpack. That was the most action that glue stick had seen all year.

Last, put the clock turned picture frame back together and enjoy your new creation.

How To Turn A Clock Into A Picture Frame

I am so happy with how my clock turned into a picture frame looks now. It feels unique yet perfect for my home. I purposefully printed our wedding picture in a sepia tone so that it would have that old-fashioned look.

I joke, but it’s true that if we wait long enough, my husband and I will be old-fashioned. According to our kids, we already are.

What do you think of my new picture frame? Have you ever turned a clock into a picture frame? I’d love to know. You can always comment on this blog post, email us here, or reach out via Instagram or Facebook.

P.S. I did try to fix this brass clock before turning it into a picture frame. The one YouTube video I watched had given me a false sense of confidence that I could be a clock restorer. At some point in the “fixing” process, I realized I was never ever going to get the clock pieces back together. It was a lost cause.

Plan B was to turn the clock into a picture frame.

While I would have been happy using the clock as a clock, I really like how this project turned out. It was a happy accident.

P.P.S. For the record, digital cameras did exist when we got married but they weren’t ubiquitous. Our photographer shot our wedding on film.

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