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Happy List: #341

Hi! Welcome to this week’s Happy List. It’s so fun to have you here.

This week on the blog I shared the few regrets we have about our laundry room makeover. It’s a bit of a “wish we would have done this” list.

I also wrote about 10 items we received as wedding gifts that we still use 25 years later. I’ve since thought of more things to add to that list. Don’t tell anyone that a few of those items I can’t remember who gifted them to us!

As always, thank you for being here. It’s so rewarding to connect with each and every one of you. I’ve made the best online friends through this website. If you want to connect with us, and I hope you do, you can always comment on this blog post or send an email here. You can also reach out on Instagram or Facebook.

Enjoy this week’s Happy List!


I would love to have a swinging door in my home with a brass push plate like the one in this gorgeous home by Jamie Haller Interiors. I have considered turning the glass door going into our laundry room into one, at least in looks, if not in function. Maybe I should do that…

If you enjoy color in a home, you’ll find loads of inspiration in this home. Check out the photos here.

jamie haller interiors craftsman los angeles blue cabinets with swinging wood door with brass push plate on the happy list

(image: Jamie Haller Interiors)


I’ve been listening to this Nancy Meyers’ Kitchen Playlist on Spotify all week. It’s delightful and full of mellow oldies.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, Nancy Meyers is the filmmaker whose kitchen sets are always drool-worthy. This one is from It’s Complicated featuring Meryl Streep.

its complicated nancy meyers kitchen credit universal studios on the happy list via the spruce

(image: Universal Studios via The Spruce)


Did you know your brain burns 400 – 500 calories per day?

Unfortunately, though, thinking hard doesn’t burn THAT many more calories. Maybe 5 extra calories per hour. Guess we’re all stuck with exercising.

Learn how many calories you burn while under anesthesia in this BBC Science Focus article.

trail run with kids


The clever ladies at Alice and Lois had THE BEST idea to use RIT Dye to color outdoor cushion covers to a color that doesn’t show the dirt quite as much.

To see their tips and find out if your cushion covers would work for this DIY, check out their blog post here. You have to check out the before photos too.

how to dye outdoor cushion covers with RIT dye by alice and lois on the happy list

(image: Alice and Lois)

We went with blue cushions for our outdoor furniture. Hides the dirt beautifully, but yellow pollen does stand out.


I am a fan of a dainty bracelet. I may have to heavily hint to Handy Husband that this baguette birthstone bracelet on Etsy is something that I would gladly wear.

Isn’t it pretty?

baguette birthstone bracelet mothers day gift idea from Your Names Jewelry Etsy shop on the happy list

(image: Your Names Jewelry via Etsy)


This is a cute idea from Tanya’s Creative Space to use a milk can to hold a potted plant on your front porch. You just need a plant that will nestle in the opening of the milk can.

milk can plant holder and welcome sign for front porch from tanya's creative space on the happy list

(image: Tanya’s Creative Space)

I used a milk can to make a side table for my front porch. You can check that out here.


I have the ingredients for Pinch of Yum’s Roasted Peanut Kale Crunch Salad on my grocery shopping list.

Two things intrigued me about this recipe. First, there’s no peanut butter in the vinaigrette. The recipe uses peanut oil for that flavor. Second, the kale and cabbage are finely diced in the food processor, so the texture of big chunks of kale don’t do you in.

I’m thinking about serving the salad with salmon. Get the recipe over at Pinch of Yum.

pinch of yum recipe for roasted peanut kale crunch salad on the happy list

(image: Pinch of Yum)


what to do when your heart breaksĀ 

enter through the wound
lie down on the floor
of your determined heart


let it show you how
it beats beyond defeat
let it show you how
endings become beginnings

by Cleo Wade

Thank you for being here today.

Be good to yourself and others this week.

I’ll see you back here on Monday.



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