• red barn with daffodils and rock wall
    colonial farmhouse

    The Great Barn Loft Clean Out

    Last month we tackled The Great Barn Loft Clean Out. Did we accumulate THAT MUCH junk in less than two years of owning the Colonial Farmhouse that we needed to clean out the barn loft? No. But… Here’s an itty bitty detail that’s important to this story. We had never looked in the barn loft before last month. That’s right. We bought the property with the barn loft sight unseen and then ignored it for almost two years. Who does that? Us, apparently. In our defense, the loft doors were nailed shut and it’s not like we weren’t busy dealing with all the other problems this money pit house of…

  • a touch of christmas on our barn barn wreath

    A Touch of Christmas on Our Barn

    I added a touch of Christmas on our barn in the form of a simple wreath and it makes me ridiculously happy. All the barn needed after that was a little dusting of snow to make it look like a scene straight out of a Hallmark Christmas movie. And then Mother Nature cooperated with my snow wish. That never happens! Although, I forgot to mention the words “a little dusting” when I made that wish. Five inches of snow later…oops! Let’s get back to the touch of Christmas on our barn. I made the wreath that I hung on the barn. Could you tell? If you say no, I’m going…