• brass coffee table mashup

    Coffee Table Mashup

    Today I have a coffee table mashup story for you. I’m so cool that when I decided to use the word mashup I had to Google it to determine if this slang was written as one word, two words, or hyphenated. So cool, indeed. Wait. Do the cool kids say ‘cool’ these days? I should probably ask my 13-year-old, but I’ve already reached my daily quota on eye rolls.¬† Anyway, you might be wondering what a coffee table mashup is? It’s when you combine different coffee table parts to make a new coffee table. A top from one coffee table, a base from a different coffee table and bada-bing bada-boom you have a coffee table mashup! I have…

  • Fall Coffee Table with Blue Accents tiffany bowl

    Fall Coffee Table with Blue Accents

    Today’s “Fall Coffee Table with Blue Accents” post came about because a friend sent me the prettiest blue and white bowl. I know what you’re thinking. YES! I do have pretty awesome friends. I don’t have a lot of friends (I’d have to leave my house more often for that), but the ones I do have are the life-altering ones. The ones that you plan on raising a ruckus with in the retirement home. This particular friend is the one who I exchange 100 text messages with per day on all the minutiae and hilarity that is our lives. Everyone needs a friend who you can confess to that you…

  • Convert a Dining Table Into a Coffee Table
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    My Dining Table Is Now a Coffee Table

    Do you remember when I bought a $9.60 round dining table at the Habitat Restore and making over that table almost sent me over the edge? That was fun. Fast forward several months and the scars from the traumatic table makeover experience were healing nicely. Then I realized why that table might have been donated to the Habitat Restore in the first place. The top kept coming loose from the base. I’d tighten it and then people would put their elbows on the table (!) and eventually the top would loosen up again. The solution was clear. Either I could teach my family manners or we could stop eating all…

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    DIY Live Edge Wood Coffee Table

    When I go “home” for a visit, I literally go home to the same house I grew up in. Anyone else sleep in their old bedroom when they go home? Thankfully, all my old posters are long gone because there are some things I just don’t want to explain to my kids. However, I am happy to tell them over and over until they say, “MOOOM!”¬†about the endless amount of chores I had to do. When I was growing up one of our home’s “design features” was a 5-foot long slab of unfinished black walnut wood sitting on top of a half wall. I’m not even sure if the wood…