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    DIY Stained Wooden Easter Eggs

    I’m on a quest to decorate faux Easter eggs that I will love so much I will want to decorate with them year after year. I’m sure there are far nobler quests out there, but since comparison is the thief of joy, let’s not compare how you are curing cancer and I’m…not. My last attempt at decorating faux Easter eggs was a comedy of errors and I still haven’t fully recovered from that episode. (If you want to get caught up, you can read all about how I painted a marbling effect on fake plastic Easter eggs here.) There was one aspect of that egg painting fiasco¬†that I wanted to…

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    Marbled Faux Easter Eggs

    Have you ever jumped off something high and the instant you jumped you regretted your decision? Sticking the landing might be the best outcome, but who are we kidding? You’re just trying not to go splat. That’s me and this marbled faux Easter egg project. And also me when I jump off anything.¬†Which is why I don’t jump off anything. I started this project because I wanted to create a marbled paint effect on something. Anything. I had some fake Easter eggs sitting in the closet mocking me while I tried to come up with a way to decorate them, so I thought, “Why not try marbling those Easter eggs?”…

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    Sheet Music Easter Eggs

    Confession time. Things don’t feel very Easter-y around here. It’s not a holiday I typically decorate for and with our recent snowstorms, it hasn’t quite felt like spring around these parts. So I decided I would craft myself into a spring mood. Nothing says spring rebirth like styrofoam eggs, so that’s what I started with. My first attempt at decorating my fake eggs was a major flop. It’s also a reminder of why I try to avoid Pinterest. My second attempt was much more successful. I made Sheet Music Easter Eggs, which I’m not sure are actually spring-looking, but they are more my style. Making Sheet Music Easter Eggs is…