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Some pretty stinkin’ funny things happen during motherhood. I mean, they aren’t funny at the time, but later. I’m sure they are funny later. Right? Right?

Like that time I let my son pee in a sippy cup…in the backseat of the car…in front of my husband’s office. I won’t even tell you what happened to my hand that was holding the cup. I do need to get more hand sanitizer though. Never hold the cup. Words to live by.

And, of course, it is perfectly reasonable to wear the fire hat while watering grass seed. The good news is that his hard work paid off and we finally have grass!


This post about why moms are late had me cracking up. You have to read it!

I’m pretty sure almost all of those have happened to me. Especially the lost shoe thing with my son. These are places I’ve found my son’s shoes:

  • in the toy box
  • behind the freezer
  • at the pool’s lost and found
  • in the freezer
  • in the mailbox

Oh, and then there was that time that we left the house without his shoes. Oh wait. That happened twice.

I also like the comedian Jason Good for his hilarious take on parenting. He has a book out, This is Ridiculous, This is Amazing, which I have not read yet, but if it is as funny as his website, I need to get it!

And for all of us who get caught up on Pinterest and then try to recreate those beautiful recipes with less than stellar results, this picture gallery on is for you.

And in case you are feeling bad about yourself today, at least your kid doesn’t think you are as old as a horse and weigh as much as a pig. Oy.


Hope you have a happy day!

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