friday funnies

Friday Funnies

Here’s another edition of Friday Funnies!

Who is ready for the weekend?

*raises both hands*

I’m always ready for the weekend, but September weekends are especially welcome.

This lady nails why September is the Worst and does so in a funny and relatable way. Since I’ve been completely serious halfway joking that I’m dying a slow death by homework, I appreciated her take on things.


On our train ride home from school recently, my 6-year-old was reading aloud the advertisements inside the train car. He got to this particular ad.

It’s an important message. There’s no doubt about that.

His finger was pointing to the words and he said them very deliberately and loud enough for everyone near us on the crowded train to hear.

6-year-old: We’re. All. Made. Of. The. Same Stuff.

Me: Good job, buddy.

6-year-old: (still pointing to the words) Say. No. To. RAISINS. On. Board.

6-year-old: What’s wrong with raisins?

Needless to say, everyone around us was chuckling.


Target is probably the #1 thing I’ve missed while living in Ireland. After my friends and family, of course. Only a shallow, materialistic, immature person would miss a store that has everything I never needed, but always wanted more than their own family. No sir, I am not that person.

Reading about some guy documenting his first week working at Target had me laughing out loud on the train. This is something a passenger riding by themselves does not do, but it was well worth the odd looks I received. I love that this guy saw the humor in a job many would consider mundane. And for the record, none of the people in his observations were me.

I’ve been missing my piano terribly, so I decided to learn how to play the guitar.

Makes sense, right?

If I recall correctly, I remember crying while learning the piano because I didn’t want to practice. I now feel like crying while learning the guitar because I am practicing and my fingertips are so tender.

So basically, with all the crying, I think I’m on track to learn this thing.


After getting the guitar, my 6-year-old says this to me, in all seriousness…

6-year-old: Mom. You can hold the guitar by this skinny part (pointing to the neck).

Me: Oh, yeah? Do you think that’s a good idea?

6-year-old: Well, you can hold it there, but you shouldn’t hold it over your head and then swing it and bang it on the ground. That could break the guitar.

Me: How did..? Wait…where did you learn…?

6-year-old: (pretends he doesn’t hear me as he head bangs to an imaginary rock song)

I hope you found some humor in your week too! Have a happy weekend!


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