Blueberry Freezer Jam with Frozen Berries

If you’ve known me for 3 seconds, you will know that I LOVE freezer jam. I love it so much that when we moved to Georgia, I packed a cooler with our remaining precious containers of jam and some ice packs and checked it as luggage on the plane. I’m sure TSA (and my family and friends) thought I was cuckoo, but I didn’t care! I brought a little piece of home to our new home.


There’s just one little problem with freezer jam.

Say it isn’t so! 

Freezer space can be a problem. Even having enough containers can be a problem.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Simple. Freeze berries in Ziploc Gallon Size Freezer Bags
to save space! When I need some berries – bam! Open the freezer and I am good to go!


You’ll need to let the berries thaw before pulsing them in a blender or food processor, but here’s what makes me really happy – I can’t tell the difference between jam made with fresh or frozen berries. Maybe it’s because I’ve picked them all, so they are coming from one source or because they end up frozen in the jam anyway. Who knows. The point is, I don’t have to spend eons in the kitchen making jam once a year. I can spend 30 minutes here and there throughout the year making up a batch as needed.


I use the recipe from the PINK box of Sure Jell. The recipe calls for 3 cups of chopped blueberries, sugar, water and pectin. Easy peasy! The only weird thing about the blueberry freezer jam recipe is the extra water that it calls for, but it turns out delicious every single time!
**UPDATE JANUARY 2015 – the next package of Sure Jell DOES NOT call for the extra water. I just made the new recipe and it was even better with a stronger blueberry flavor.

All this talk of blueberry jam makes me want to go pick some more berries! I’m like a squirrel stockpiling my berries for the long winter. Plus, I have these cute kiddos to help me pick!


I hope you try making the jam and that it makes you as happy as it does me!

P.S. If you need containers for freezer jam, I like these plastic ones:

Arrow Plastic 1-Quart Freezer Containers

or these ones:

Ball Jar 8-Ounce Plastic Freezer Jars

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