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In Praise Of: Pretty Pepper Mills

Let’s spice things up! I went on the hunt for a pretty pepper mill recently because our old one broke. Apparently, there are things we cannot fix around here. We are still recovering from that shock.

In the process, I learned if you Google “pepper grinder,” you get a video game, not a spice grinder. Oops.

Today, I will try and use the words “pepper mill” instead of “pepper grinder” because I’m fancy like that now. I went to college and everything. Ha!

I also learned that spice aficionados are very particular about pepper mills. They know all about and argue over blade material, mill capacity, grinding speed, hand comfort, and more.

I don’t know that we are THAT invested in pepper mill mechanics. We just want fresh pepper on our salads and we want the pepper mill to look good sitting out on a table. Handy Husband and I both weighed in on this purchase decision.

Today I’m rounding up, in no particular order, the pretty pepper mill contenders. I will also share which one we went with and if it is as life-changing as we imagined.

Olive Wood Pepper Mill | Etsy

In a world of circular pepper mills be a rectangle.

The shape and simplicity of this pepper mill caught my eye. Also, I have a fondness for olive wood. I think it has a beautiful grain.

rectangular pepper mill made from olive wood from etsy shop BfCartMallorca in praise of pretty pepper mills

(image: BfCartMallorca via Etsy)

Copper Salt and Pepper Mill | Williams Sonoma

“Hello, lover.”

That’s what I said when I saw this copper pepper mill. (Not to make it weird or anything.)

Can you imagine it when it develops its patina? *drools*

copper pepper mill from williams sonoma in praise of pretty pepper mills

(image: Williams Sonoma)

Black Walnut and Ash Salt and Pepper Mill | Etsy

These gorgeous salt and pepper mills are handmade in Canada. We like the idea of using a lighter color wood for the salt mill.

We were undecided on the notched detailing, but ultimately thought it might provide a good grip for that intense grinding. Ha!

black walnut and ash salt and pepper mill from etsy shop artseno made in canada in praise of pretty pepper mills

(image: Artseno via Etsy)

Brass Salt and Pepper Mill | Etsy

I do not know where these ship from but these brass salt and pepper mills are handcrafted in Greece. Since spices are a large part of the Mediterranean diet, I’d like to think they’d know something about spice mills.

brass salt and pepper mill from etsy shop thelvy and company in praise of pretty pepper mills

(image: Thelvy and Company via Etsy)

Acacia Wood Pepper Mill | Amazon

I love the sleekness of this pepper mill. It looks like it is going to feel so nice in your hand.

It is 10 inches tall, so keep that in mind if you want to store it in a cabinet.

acacia wood sleek pepper mill by uniovc via amazon in praise of pretty pepper mills

(image: Amazon)

One-Handed Pepper Mill | Etsy

A one-handed pepper mill makes so much sense to me, especially if your hands are giving you trouble. The mechanism on this mill works when you press the button at the top.

Unclear on how much pepper you get from one press of the button. I might wear that thing out in one sitting. Haha!

These pepper mills are handmade and shipped from New York state.

colorful and one handed pepper mill handcrafted by etsy shop wildwoods woodturning in praise of pretty pepper mills

(image: Wildwoods Woodturning via Etsy)

Glass Jar Grinder | Etsy

This is not going to solve your pepper mill needs but I had to include it. Look at this cuteness!

This is a spice grinder that screws on top of any regular mouth canning jar. I have zero use for this at the moment and I still want it. You can buy it with or without the blue jar. (Get the blue jar.)

glass jar pepper grinder via etsy shop henflower in praise of pretty pepper mills

(image: Henflower via Etsy)

Pepper Mill | Zassenhaus

*drum roll, please*

I ordered this pepper mill from Zassenhaus because of its old-world charm. I loved how it looked. It’s also made by a German company and Handy Husband is a big fan of German engineering. You can order directly from Zassenhaus and they ship anywhere in the world, but they also ship via Amazon for U.S. customers.

zassenhaus pepper mill via amazon in praise of pretty pepper mills old world style pepper mill

(image: Zassenhaus | Amazon)

The pepper mill we purchased is not as easy to turn as others we have owned in the past and only time will tell how well that handle will hold up.

Do I care right now? No. I love how it looks.

It also can adjust the coarseness of the grain. I have it set to the coarsest grain right now because that’s how much I love black pepper. Don’t be stingy. Cover everything in black pepper and I’ll be happy.

Do you love black pepper as much as I do? Is it a contest? Maybe. Let me know. You can always comment on this blog post, email us here, or reach out via Instagram or Facebook.

May your dinner always be delicious and your dishes washed by someone else.

Thank you for being here today. I have fun hanging out with you and hope you’ll come back often. Here are some other blog posts in this series that you might enjoy.

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