Painted Pine Cones

I love a good mindless craft. Who’s with me?

By the end of the day, my mind is mush. My emotional well-being is exhausted. There’s nothing I want to do more than sit and veg out with an episode of Scandal on Hulu. But, sometimes, my hands like something to do while the rest of me is zoned out. It’s a contradiction of mass proportions.

My yard is over-flowing with huge pine cones. I’m kind of enamored with them since I’m used to those itty-bitty pine cones. Clearly, I know my pine cones. Or is it pinecones? Just call me the tree whisperer.


The first thing I did was enlist my 4-year-old offspring to help gather the pine cones. He had his little plastic wheelbarrow and his sand bucket to help with the collection efforts. And, he was unerringly accurate in finding every single one of the mushed, misshapen pine cones in existence. Love him.

We went crazy and filled up not one, but 2 sand buckets with pinecones. And by we, I mean me.

Then I used a precautionary measure and sprayed the cones with some clear spray paint. I just didn’t want anything crawling out of the pine cones and taking up residence in my… residence.

After that, it was a simple bit of gold craft paint and white craft paint and my favorite shows on Hulu. I know I could have spray painted all of the cones and been done with it in 5 minutes, but I  wanted a “flocked” look with only the tips painted. Plus, I needed a brainless craft activity. This fit the bill.


Even the kiddos got into the spirit of things. However, they pooped out after only painting one pine cone each. Who is teaching these kids about work ethic??? 😉

I think I might like their creations even better than mine. 🙂

I know this craft is in no way, shape or form original. But, it was a first for me.

So, that’s it. A free and easy craft pulled from nature. It’s a happy little crafting trifecta.

I do life crafts that have to do with nature. Here are a few more!

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