Printing Photos on Canvas

I have a friend who is amazing, in part, because she prints out photos of her child all.the.time and I’m assuming, shoves them into an album. Actually, she probably scrapbooks them into cute shapes with witty captions. Agh!

The most recent printed photos I have of my children are ones she printed and gave to me. Sigh.

Yes, she’s a gem and I will keep her as my dear friend even though she mocks me about this situation quite regularly. That’s what friends are for! 🙂


So recently, I  was feeling pretty “how do you like me now” when I had my children’s pictures printed on CANVAS, baby. Oh yeah!

I still haven’t printed any of the pictures I’ve taken on paper, but let’s not focus on that.

Now, how did I come to have these precious photos? I wish I could take all the credit for setting everything up. In all actuality, my son’s preschool did it! They arranged for a professional, independent photographer to come and take the students’ school pictures. The photographer went way above the call of duty in setting up a super cute background. I then begged and pleaded for her to take some sibling photos and she graciously agreed.


The photographer, Meg Davidson, was able to bring out their sweet little personalities in a way that I never can when I point the camera their way and say, “say cheese.”

You can see from this close-up shot that there is some “texture” to the photo now that it is printed on the canvas.

The canvases I ordered are huge. The small ones are 18 x 24. The larger one is 24 x 36. Yowzers! However, this wall is gigantic, so they actually fill up the space nicely.

I thought I’d let it all hang out for you on this picture too. Dated paint color. Boob light. Crazy kid artwork jumping off the magnetic chalkboard. The joys of living everyday life in a rental. Actually, I can paint that wall, I just haven’t worked up the gumption since it is a two-story job.

If you want to have your photos printed on canvas, you do not need professional photos. You do need high quality photos, meaning a high resolution, particularly if you want to print them on a large size canvas like I did. So, think photos out of your good camera and not your cell phone.

I had our canvases gallery wrapped. The canvas is thicker at 1.5 inches deep and you can see the image is extended and wrapped around the edge.

I used EasyCanvasPrints for printing these. I was actually quite pleased at how easy it was to upload photos and they happened to arrive before the expected arrival date. Total bonus! Also, when the prints arrived, they came with a paper template to help us hang them all level. Loved that! Now, EasyCanvasPrints has no clue who I am, I’m just sharing my experience. I did have one corner on one of the prints that arrived with some “wear and tear,” but I decided it wasn’t a big enough problem to deal with sending them back.
I am so glad I took the plunge and had these prints made. Seriously, they make me so happy and I will cherish them forever. Let’s just hope they fit on some wall, any wall in our next house!

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