Kitchen Refresh Part 6: Hardware

Before I typed this post, I was working on the backsplash.

No, really.

I was genuinely working on the backsplash, which is the last part of this little project.

I’m ready to wrap this thing up in the next few days. Not that I’ll get final pictures taken that quick! In the next two weeks we have birthdays for both of my kids, end of year parties, kindergarten round-up, sports and I’m sure I’m forgetting something else.

In the meantime, I have some lovely, not-so-lovely iPhone photos to share.

After I painted the cabinets, I reused the cabinet knobs to save some dough. Someone still makes these knobs, by the way. 99 cents on some random cabinet hardware website! I cleaned them with some Bar Keepers Friend and spray painted them a satin nickel color. They’re looking a little darker than they actually are in this photo. Bad lighting and my camera phone for the win!


For the drawers, I decided to switch out the hardware with some cup pulls. I found 10 pulls on Amazon for about $25, which was a super good deal. (The 5-pack was a little bit cheaper, but it wasn’t Amazon Prime eligible.) They were the correct size, but the previous hardware holes weren’t big enough, so we had to drill them a little larger to install the new pulls. By “we,” I mean Handy Husband. He thinks I can’t use the power drill…I’ve seen no reason to correct him. 😉

I’m actually not certain that I LOVE the new pulls in this context, but I LIKE them a lot better than what was there. Plus, prying the drawers open with my fingernails was growing old, so when you look at it that way, I’m downright giddy to have these pulls. How’s that for keeping it real? 🙂

Now, if someone would just wipe down the front of my cabinets. Sheesh! Who’s doing the housekeeping around here? Oh, wait. That would be me.


Now, after my backsplash dilemma of yore, I did decide on a backsplash. It wasn’t any of my first, second or third choices. It did, however, meet my “not-permanent and inexpensive” criteria. More importantly, it met the “marital compromise” criteria. Sometimes, that’s the most important criteria out there. Especially when you are DIY-ing as a team.

Now, does the backsplash look like this?

Or does it look like this?


Whichever way it goes, I promise it’s looking a little better than these pictures show! I’m happy to be in the homestretch of this project because I found a bunch of junk in our shed that I want to repurpose and reuse, so my attention span is waning rapidly!


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