My Favorite Corner – Living Room

I have a favorite corner of our living room.

I don’t spend nearly enough time there. Ironic, much?

Want to sit and enjoy the view with me?

A little bit of water and a whole heck of a lot of trees. It makes me very happy!

As a girl who grew up in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve seen my fair share of forest. When we moved to Georgia, I was surprised there were so many trees. I’m not sure what I was picturing. Cotton fields? Peach orchards? I still have not seen a peach orchard, by the way.

Instead of focusing the furniture IN on the room, I turned the furniture OUT toward the view. It would be tragic to sit with your back to this vista. My husband thought it was weird at first, but he now understands the method of my madness.

You can’t see it from this vantage point, but far to the right I can also watch the kids play on their swing set and trampoline.

This is my real life decor. Magazines and lots and lots of library books. I did pick the pillows up off the floor for you though and I kicked a Minecraft sword out of the frame, but that’s it. I’ve given up on knick-knacks on our most often used end tables. If there’s something there other than books, it’s probably a Lego creation.

Directly behind these chairs is a large fireplace, our sectional with an 8×10 rug and a baby grand piano. It’s a BIG room. I’ll get around to showing the rest of it soon. Soon-ish. How’s that?

These dark leather chairs are from World Market and I’ve had them for eons. I know they aren’t trendy anymore, but I still like them. Plus, they recline, which is really handy when I’m reading books with my almost 5-year-old. He thinks we’re just reading, but I’m really soaking up all the cuddles I can get before he goes to kindergarten. *sob*

This is a living room that everyone walks into and says “WOW!” Not because of my decorating, I assure you. It’s because of the wall of windows and the openness of the space. I’ve said it before, but that connection between the outdoors and the indoor living spaces is critical! It’s a bright happy morning (or evening) when I can sit here for a few minutes and soak it all in.


We loved living in this house. Here are some other views from this home. 

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